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PSN: greenmedic88

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add me guys!!

I have a new US Account: THK_RISES

PSN (Actually SEN, but fuck that) ID: nknf
I should get my Vita anytime between 28 February to 7 March. I will post here again when I get it.
If anyone's interested, the games I am getting are:
Escape Plan
FIFA Football
Lumines: Electronic Symphony
Plants vs Zombies
Rayman Origins
Super Stardust Delta
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs
Uncharted: Golden Abyss

PSN name is Jinova feel free to add me.

My Near only seems to work at my job, but there were 6 online within 2 miles. One guy added me as a friend, it was random but I accepted. VITA owners unite! lol

  Tifa got MOVES!

bond256 is my psp ps3 and vita gamertag

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sepisfu said:
JoeTheBro said:
sepisfu said:
JoeTheBro said:
GameBoss01 said:
My PSN is the same as my username and I have 260 people playing close to me. :D

Prove it! Take a screen shot and upload, I think we have a new record!

it's more fun if everyone post a screenshot instead of just saying the number

yeah i posted a screenshot too

How do I get that displayed? mine just says the games that are topping the charts, not what yours says.

PSN/SEN: dharh

A warrior keeps death on the mind from the moment of their first breath to the moment of their last.

If u like online mp get Wipeout too!

Add me!


happydolphin said:
Can you please compile the list and put it in OP please, following Smeag's lead in the 3DS community code thread:

If this is to be the official thread, it would be good if it were reliable and that we could all refer to it in the future.

Good i'll do it