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ROFL I cannot wait for them to get picked off and taken to guantanamo bay type prisons around the world. As a matter of fact I pray for it. They will get what's coming to them and they deserve it.

P.S. Rol I need a little guidance.

Make games, not war (that goes for ridiculous fanboys)

I may be the next Maelstorm or not, you be the judge  hopefully I can be more of an asset than a fanboy to VGC hehe.

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This is getting really serious now. First the NDAA is signed and now a chance for Sopa to be signed. We could really be losing our freedoms.

This sort of thing can only be counterproductive, especially immediately after the PR victories that were the SOPA protests of yesterday, it will only lead some people to tie the cyberterrorism of anonymous with the very legitimate concerns of the anti-SOPA movement.

I'm more surprised somebody's trying to put MegaVideo back together, though i suppose that place was an internet institution.

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