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Forums - Movies & TV - New Sony Ad... with zombies....

or something like that...


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I can't tell if it's good or bad.

Buy Sony- annihilate mankind

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Time for hype

That's the closest Resident Evil will ever come to the Vita.

that was pretty awesome, the tron music fit perfectly too :D

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Eh it probably won't be very good....but I'll watch it anyways

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Anyone else think the Resident Evil movies are just so-so.. I just remember a part in one of them where they were running through the cemetery. Now how the hell did the already dead become zombies if they were laying under dirt and not bitten by the real zombies. After seeing that scene the entire series was more of a joke than anything else.

TeddostheFireKing said:
that was pretty awesome, the tron music fit perfectly too :D

New i recognised it from somewhere!

that was a fantastic trailer, completely through me off

BasilZero said:

I always thought the first two were good, third was so-so, fourth was terrible.

Yea, probably better put.  The series started off pretty good since I thought 1 was done decently.  The series then started to falter with the sequels.