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Which is your favourite 3D Mario?

Super Mario 64 45 31.25%
Super Mario Sunshine 6 4.17%
Super Mario Galaxy 31 21.53%
Super Mario Galaxy 2 45 31.25%
Super Mario 3D Land 17 11.81%

1) Super Mario Galaxy:

It blew all my expectations when it was released, and they were very high. It was so much superior to any other 3D platformer from all periods.

2) Super Mario Galaxy 2:

Better than the first game, but did not amaze me as much because the first one came before. But it is a better game. Yoshi, Mario Cloud were absolutely amazing. The levels were insane. It is the best 3D platformer ever made easily

3) Super Mario 64

At the time it was a revolution, it it still a great game but not in the level og Galaxy episodes.

4) Super Mario Sunshine,

The game was actually underrated, it was a very good but quite unusual game. The water added a whole new dimension but it looked less Mario than the other games. It also had a frustating camera in some area.

5) Super Mario 3D Land

Great game, but more a mixed child from 2D and 3D serie. It really takes a lot of the codes of the 2D games.

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megaman79 said:
I Predict 3D Land will sit above the Galaxy games in 10 years.

Just my opinion.

Absolutely not a chance.

1)Galaxy 2
5)3D Land


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My favourite 3D mario is and will probably always be Mario 64. Other 3D mario games have done a lot of things better than 64, but the feeling of playing 64 has never been recaptured. I can still pop the game and feel amazed by the worlds and the gameplay

If I had to make a list it would go like this:

1) Super Mario 64
2) Super Mario Galaxy 2
3) Super Mario Sunshine
4) Super Mario 3D Land
5) Super Mario Galaxy

Nothing against Galaxy, but Galaxy 2 was heaps better than the original (to me), which put it barely above Sunshine (I must be one of the few people that really loved Sunshine and it's challenge).

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Super Mario Sunshine, only liked Super Mario galaxy 1, SMG2 felt more like the same and wish they didnt make a sequel with the same setting.

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Super Mario 64 by a large margin. Least favourite is Sunshine.

Mario 64, Super Mario sunshine was good but not as good as Mario 64.

1. Galaxy 2
2. Galaxy
3. 3D Land
4. 64
5. Sunshine

Mario 64, but maybe that's the nostalgia talking. Realistically it's a tie between 64 and Galaxy 1

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Haven´t played Galaxy 1 and 3D Land, but:

1. SM 64:

2. Galaxy 2:

3. Sunshine