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Since you like Rockstar, I figure you'd like the smaller company to come up then, since they are capable of creating great games. You make it sound like the big companies always make great Lair.

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TWRoO said:
All I want from codemasters is Micro Machines on the VC.

I love you sig and avatar.

As for the discussion, Codemasters has, in my experience, made games which aren't very, how would one say, good.

If they're basing potential Wii sales off of the performance of "Heatseeker", then I think I know why they're outlook is negative.

I think devs are afraid of developing on Nintendo hardware because they have expectations placed upon their software because gamers expect higher levels of quality.

But I agree with what was said earlier: Capcom, Konami, etc. seemed to have excellent sales back in the NES/SNES days where Nintendo was decidedly the market leader. I think this really boils down to lazy devs who don't want to have to put as much effort into their games.

As fanboyish as it sounds, if these devs spent less time complaining and more time polishing their games, they'll probably see better sales on the Wii. 

"I mean, c'mon, Viva Pinata, a game with massive marketing, didn't sell worth a damn to the "sophisticated" 360 audience, despite near-universal praise--is that a sign that 360 owners are a bunch of casual ignoramuses that can't get their heads around a 'gardening' sim? Of course not. So let's please stop trying to micro-analyze one game out of hundreds and using it as the poster child for why good, non-1st party, games can't sell on Wii. (Everyone frequenting this site knows this is nonsense, and yet some of you just can't let it go because it's the only scab you have left to pick at after all your other "Wii will phail1!!1" straw men arguments have been put to the torch.)" - exindguy on Boom Blocks

I certainly accept conglomeration as an economic reality of emerging financial markets, but honestly, Griff, I have never seen anyone actually praise and welcome it.

You are for the subservience of the small, independant developers? You want the giant mega-companies making almost all the games?

Regardless of whether that actually happens, I've just never seen someone endorse it so warmly. Down with the little guy! Up with monopolistic big business!


Are you, by chance, also pro-deforestation?">">

I've said this before, a nintendo dominated industry scares developers becase they know they can't compete, Nintedo has arguably the most talented devlopers in the world, and they design their consoles around the wishes of those developers, most third parties do not have the necessary skill to match nintendo developed games, there are a few that come close, but by and large most developers pale, the PS3 and 360 are preferred because the average level of quality is lower, and they can mask gameplay imperfections behind prettier graphics.


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CDiablo said:
This is not a fanboy comment, has codemasters ever released a good game? Everything they seem to touch turns to shit. I remember when I was a kid and I learned at a very young age (NES days) that codemasters make rubbish.

Actually, MicroMachines (for the NES) was great fun in its day.  Granted, all of the sequels sucked.  Give it a try, if you can.

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i like how Griffin said Nintendo makes crappy games and mentions SMG and Zelda, the 2 best games of all time according to reviews

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Codemasters is responsible for the Colin McRae Rally series as well as the TOCA/Race Driver games (and whatever they are called in each country), two of the best racing game series out there. They also make Micro Machines, but apart from that they really don't have much.

Their football manager games sell a lot in the UK, but they aren't really what most gamers are looking for.

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Fastrabbit09 said:
i like how Griffin said Nintendo makes crappy games and mentions SMG and Zelda, the 2 best games of all time according to reviews

I like it so much that it just gained a special spot in my sig ;)


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Bodhesatva said:

Are you, by chance, also pro-deforestation?

 It depends on where it is happening, if its in a third world country then yes i am fine with it, i also don't care if they have whale hunts, club baby seals.  I also support the war machine, and its goal of a global war to sustain US and western goals around the world.  The war for oil sounds good, i also would not care if they shot all mexicans entering the US without greencards.

 I also support Israel and their war for freedom against the unholy muslim armies, who wish to rid the world of jews and western culture.  I also don't think countries should be doing anything to help aids victims in Africa, they caused this, so screw them.  

 I also think douglas Macarthur should of been allowed to nuke china when they attacked UN forces during the Korean war, but truman was soft and refused to give the greatest war leader ever the weapons to win the war.

 I also think that the US was to soft in fighting the VC and NVA forces during the Vietnam war.  I also think the US/UN forces went to soft on Iraq during the Gulf war,  total destruction of the nation would of been fine.

I hope you are joking Griffin, but unfortunately its hard to tell...