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Killzone 3 - it's not a bad game, I'm just not that interested in FPS's any more. I've played it for less than 5 hours and I don't think I'll touch it ever again. =P It's a shame because I put many hours into Killzone 2.

CoD: MW3 - Same reason as above, I've played MW3 for less than an hour and I got it on launch day.

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Child of Eden, about the only regret this entire gen


Yakuza 4 - The game is almost the same as its previous entry, but even slightly worse. I liked the third game in the series, but doing the same stuff over and over again with characters, I do not care about, gets boring pretty fast. I stopped playing it after around five hours.

Enslaved - The facial expressions of the characters and the characters themselves were probably the best thing about the game. Their behaviour and actions were realistic and lovely, but other than that, the gameplay suffered from its repetition and the story has some profound lacks.

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I bought Duke Nukem Forever.... 'nuff said.

Other than that though, Dragon Age II was a diappointment, but I don't regret the purchase.

Pilotwings Resort sorta, but then again i still think it was the best choice out of the 3DS launch games.

Perhaps i just should have waited for Zelda OoT3D (i will enjoy ambassadorship, so i don't regret having paid full price for the 3DS as i did)

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enslaved....hated it.

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i regret buying resistance 1 and mirrors edge used. Both froze on me no matter what i tried. guaranteed to work my ass. but it all worked out cuz i have them both new now, got them for christmas.

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M.U.G.E.N said:
enslaved....hated it.

I just got it in the mail right now, about 30 mins ago.


I bought it from Amazon for $8.74.


The game got good scores, so it can't be that bad.

I regret buying PAYDAY THE HEIST.


Not because I didn't enjoy it, but because other than the first day that I played it, I haven't played it since because Of BF3 and all of the other games I got.  Was a waste of a $20 PSN card that I could have used later.