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Forums - Movies & TV - Prometheus teaser trailers

Countdown teaser trailers to the Prometheus trailer coming to tomorrow:

I loved Alien & most of Ridley's other work, so I have high hopes for this movie!


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Oh yes, I've been waiting for this movie and Ridley is one of my fovurite directors when it comes to big budget movies. I loved Alien, the only horror sci-fi movie close to it, is The Thing imo. btw. Alien is my 2nd favourite Ridley's movie, 1st one is Blade Runner.

for f*ck sake... a teaser trailer for a trailer? wtf?


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NiKKoM said:
for f*ck sake... a teaser trailer for a trailer? wtf?

Beats an announcement for an announcement

Looking forward to the movie though?

I wish its a new alien movie

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tooto123 said:
I wish its a new alien movie

It can't be due to licensing rights, AFAIK.

This will be better than an aliens movie - they've become increasingly poor since Cameron directed. The teaser itself looks incredible. So hyped for this movie - on my top 3 movies of next year.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

My most (moist!) anticipated movie of 2012...Finally Ridley Scott returns to the genre that made him....Great cast and the cinematography/set design looks outstanding. Will be awesome to see what he does with 3D camera tecnology.

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this looks VERY Alien, i hope he doesn't try to compete with himself here.

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Trailer is up on youtube, looks very awesome!

Technologicaly speaking, this looks very much like the Aliens era of mankind, maybe a bit earlier.

From what I gathered, we might just learn a bit more about the Space Jockey(s)!

Wow, I hadn't heard about this. Looks terrific.

Kingdom of Heaven, Alien, 1492, Gladiator, Legend, American Gangster. Ridley Scott made so many fantastic movies.