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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Official VGChartz Mario Kart 7 Tournament

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Anyone up for Mario Kart Wii Tournaments?

Yes. 16 59.26%
No. 8 29.63%

Are you still playing?

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I will be on tomorrow... I'm busy tonight, sorry :(

I have Mario Kart 7 but no 3DS to play it on... so... yeah

 Been away for a bit, but sneaking back in.

Gaming on: PS4, PC, 3DS. Got a Switch! Mainly to play Smash

@ Mysticwolf added you on PS3 and I feel for you there but why?

Also, can we shift today's games to 9pm GMT? I'm busy at 8PM sorry.

Can i play? or would i be disturbing the tournament?

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Dand said:
Can i play? or would i be disturbing the tournament?

Yeah, you can play! you would't be disturbing :) We race on Friday and Saturday 8 pm GMT, that equates to 2 pm here in America, central time, if that is any help. You could check the op for more details and welcome we could use some more racers!

Well... My 3DS... Is still out of battery, sorry guys. I'm terrible at this. Maybe someone else should take over as host because I'm not doing really well at it... Ummm... Well I know now that my charger is at my uncle's and I'm going there to pick it up so I will be online next week.

Okay, I'm back and we can finally start the tournaments again. Sorry for my absence.

We'll start next week.

Is anyone going to be playing tomorrow?

Well, I couldn't play today because I was out all day. I'll play tomorrow hopefully. Sorry.