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Forums - Movies & TV - What was your favorite movie of 2011? Not a voting thread!

spurgeonryan said:
megaman79 said:

and Red, White and Blue

Both of those were big surprises for different reasons

I would assume Red, White and Blue was about America. What is it?

Its a complicated story about sex addiction, sadomasochism, torture and murder, with rock music. Described as a horror by many critics, its actually a beatiful and sad drama with cool editing and cinematography that proves its weight well beyond the limits of its budget. Well worth your time, but I would guess liking Fincher's Seven might be a good starting point.

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disappointed that no one has even mentioned 50/50 yet :(

Chevinator123 said:
disappointed that no one has even mentioned 50/50 yet :(

Seeing that and Ides of March made that movie theater day a great one.  Both are solid movies that will probably get a mention or two at Oscars. 

I just saw Sherlock Holmes a game of shadows a couple of hours ago. Wow the slow motion scenes were so overused and hard to follow. Anyways the movie was kind of slow in the beginning my friend next to me fell a sleep, but it did pick up and became funnier and more enjoyable to watch. Oh and the final fight scene between Sherlock and the bad-guy was so freaking epic. It was a fight between minds.


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