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flagship said:
Chrono Trigger, pick one.

 I'll pick ending #9.

Though personally, I like FFVI better. 

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flagship said:
Chrono Trigger, pick one.

 I concur.

 Also, I have always liked the ending to LOZ Link To The Past.  

kimbo said:

Gosh, FJ got to it in time

But Lost, I guess we are alike. Because I had tears come down my eyes for all three games endings.



I agree, and its amazing cause all 3 were made by technically the same company. I will ALWAYS go where Square goes, unless the series heads into FF 12 direction.

And if that means owning a ps3, i WILL own a ps3 as soon as it comes out.


On topic:

They did big time for me, i still almost have tears come down for me for FF X, and im playing through it once  again, KH 2 didnt bring tears, but i really felt a deep down feeling in me. FF 8 did bring tears though, i loved squal so much and it was such a great ending and i hated knowing i would never know more about his story.

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MGS3 is my favorite game ending ever, very powerful.

oh and LTOK did you really like KH2 ending over KH? I thought the first game's ending was much more original and emotional. Just my opinion of course :P

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Phoenix Wright 2 ending was very good.

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i loved the Mario galaxy ending

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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. No contest. Brought tears to my eyes.

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Silent Hill 2, the car ending. Really wraps the game very well.

Hm... not sure about 'best'... but the first two I remember being affected by in any real way were Link's Awakening and Final Fantasy 2/4. Both kind of bitter-sweet endings....

... and from sooo long ago. Wow. Old.