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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best game opening

yeah good call...i guess then yeah all the stuff they've done - Hellgate: London, Halo Wars, Warhammer etc. just go to and check them out seriously great stuff. 


edit: Assassin's Creed deserves a mention if it hasn't already.

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Half-Life, Half-Life, Half-Life.

I can keep repeating it until you agree. I have time.

Best intro? hmmmm...

also, this is awesome. (can't get this to embed.)

Ninja Gaiden Shadow 


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Kingdom Hearts I and II, the Nomura Team and Utada Hikaru nailed it.

Final Fantasy VIII, incredible opening, the promise line, the fight, the editing, the orchestrated composition, it was a first for the FF series.

Final Fantasy VII, so simple, yet i can't stop seeing it, the PS1 "Lego" version, the PS3 technical demo and the PSP secret ending of Crisis Core...

Megaman X4 intro, and Zero's intro, the anime scenes were fantastic

On the NES Ninja Gaiden III was awesome, Megaman 2 was so simple, and yet amazing,

The Anarchyz said:
Kingdom Hearts I and II, the Nomura Team and Utada Hikaru nailed it.

I still occasionally watch the Kingdom Hearts II intro on Youtube. It was done flawlessly.

Second would have to be Infinite Undiscovery. Love it. AND the commercially with the Jefferson Airplane song was AMAZING.

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1. Half Life (for the intro to the system .. amazing once you realize you can actually move while the credits are rolling)
2. FF-XII (Epic scale)
3. FF VIII (the ballroom sequence in the beginning)
4. Wild Arms (for the music)
5. FF X
6. Most Tales games (mostly becuase of the music)
7. MGS4 (awesome atmosphere)
8. Prince of Persia (Sands of Time trilogy --- cinematic)
9. XenoSaga
10. Oblivion