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LOL this is gonna be hilarious

                 With regard to Call of Duty 4 having an ultra short single player campaign, I guess it may well have been due to the size limitations of DVD on the XBox 360, one of various limitations multi-platform game designers will have to take into consideration-Mike B   

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Game trailers-Halo 3 only dissapointed the people who wanted to be dissapointed.

Bet with Harvey Birdman that Lost Odyssey will sell more then Blue dragon did.
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She's not that hot is she.


Well, CES is in America, and I am sure all those in attendance know that they are only talking about America...thought I would just point that out, although I do agree with you FishyJoe.

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Changing channels with my voice: priceless!!!

There goes the vgchartz roumer of XBL girls arent fine lol



I don't plan on ever getting that good at GH3

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SLash OMG!!!



What has Slash become?


WTF is going on


I am WEEzY. You can suck my Nintendo loving BALLS!



Enter real talent - Slash stage left


Microsoft isn't going