Forums - Gaming Discussion - So what will MW3 sell Week 1?

around 13.2 million.

5.2 million PS3
7 million 360

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200 copies. 180 for 360 and 20 for PS3. 1000 copies Lifetime...

...oh wait these are estimates of real figures not what i hope it would sell.


13, 153, 274

That's exactly how much it will do week one, EXACTLY o.0

lol 1000 copies were likley sold at the place I bought the game today...

Oh man lol...


about BF3, many will buy both games and most casual gamers which is the great portion of the people who buy COD, will pick MW3 over BF3 due to it being more well known.

If BF3 was going to have an effect, we would have seen Pre sales being low for MW3 and they are at levels unlike ever before seen lol

15 millions, 8.5 axebox 6.5pstree

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I think it will sell over 3 million on its first day, and 7 million on its first week.....

7 million? i dont think thats even possible it has 6.5 million preorders alone.

Vgchartz say the game will sell 12-13.5 million week 1. Which is what the vast majority of you predicted.

PlaystaionGamer said:
lordmandeep said:
lol BF3 sales are not that big in its 3rd week to effect it at all.

no..but 5 million people just brought a modern day war sim.. 2 weeks before MW3. they where 5mil potentual MW3 buyers..

And about 3-4 million will still buy MW3.

14.1 million