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Player Ability Cheats

in Saints Row: The Third Cheat codes On your phone, choose Extras, then Cheats and input any of these codes. Achievements and auto-saving are disabled upon entering any cheats (you can save manually). These codes affect anything related to the player's ability to do things.

Password Effect
cheese $100,000
lolz Add gang notoriety
pissoffpigs Add police notoriety
whatitmeanstome Add respect
goldengun Golden Gun (one-hit kills)
runfast Infinite Sprint
oops No gang notoriety
goodygoody No police notoriety
vroom No vehicle damage
repaircar Repair vehicle
letsrock Weapons

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i just hope its as good as the first, thats all, no dumbing down or shit like that.
i don't want huge spaces but with too much little to do for example.


That is going to be a huge Multiplayer playing field! Just took a look at this game on gamefaqs, soon to be here. Not looking too bad, but it is still TBA.

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