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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Kirby's Return to Dream Land review thread! (Game Trailers review update)

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After Watching the Video, what do you think of the graphics?

Very nice for what it is. 21 55.26%
Good 8 21.05%
Alright, just not my cup ... 1 2.63%
meh 4 10.53%
other 1 2.63%
I loved the ZX Spectrum! ... 2 5.26%
spurgeonryan said:
NintendoFanDj said:
I will get this game after I beat Zelda to fill me til Wii U launch as well as 3DS games will help.

If you look at our release dates on this site, a lot of good wii games are coming out. Not 9's and 10's but still above 7's! Rayman origins got a high score!


@ Marcus..Why do you say that?

Yeah I know for Wii until WiiU I will get Zelda Skyward Sword then Kirby Return to Dreamland then Mario Oarty 9 then maybe if Xenoblade get release before WiiU I will get it. For 3DS this Christmas is when I will get one which will be the Flame Red 3DS I will get Mario Kart 7, Legend of Zelda OoT3D, Star Fox 64, Super Mario 3D Land, Luigi's Mansion, Resident Evil Revelation, Heroes of Ruin, Mario Tennis 3D, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Metal Gear Solid 3D, Sonic Generation, Rayman Origin, and some others. I will get all of these my older brother has Super Street Fighters IV 3D I just need my own my DS Lite screen holder is broken and it can't stay up but still works.

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I don't know why, but I thinking about renting this game.