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I'm watching a programme on tv that speaks about how americans use the firearms as something normal in a "fair" where you have to shoot, they say it is very important there but i don't know the name.

What surprised me most is that children use that guns under the sight of their parents and they learn how to use them.

What do you think about this, is it really a normal thing there?



PS:Sorry for my english.

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Not a normal thing in my community...but a lot of my friends or their parents have guns they use for target shooting occasionally.  I was gonna go skeet shooting at a friend's house on New Year's Day, but we pretty much got snowed in.

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Pretty much.

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I own 2 Guns And most of my friends have them, We go out for target pratice and i use it to protect myself when i delivered pizzas

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What is the highest selling genre in the US? FPS.

The US has always been about keeping our guns, that way we always have the power to rise against the government should it become necessary.

Personally, I don't mind games with guns, like the shooting gallery games at the fairs you are referring to. But, I won't own a real gun. They just seem to cause more trouble that the illusion of safety they provide.

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Eh, if you're a responsible adult, a gun in the house for safety isn't a bad idea. Giving them to kids is a bad idea.  There's no gun in our household...I figure if a gun-toting burglar came in the night I'd be screwed anyway.

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In the US in general firearms are extremely common. I would guess it is part of our culture that dates back to normal citizens have firearms being able to overthrow an opressive government.

Where I come from hunting is huge, everyone has at least one rifle.

Just as a stat, America is by far the most heavily armed nation on the planet. On average there is something like 90 guns per 100 people.

The next closest is India with like 1.9 per ever 100 people.

So yes, guns are very common in the US, I know a guy that took his 3 year old hunting, I believe to teach her what guns are really for, and aren't toys. Again though where I come from hunting is very very common, and people don't get crazy with their firearms, they respect them for the most part.

I think it's pretty normal but I grew up on a farm in a small North Texas town.

Why is it not normal when used for sport? Target shooting is quite fun, actually... Gun control, if that is where you are headed with this, is like so much other bad politics... A small minority of people abuse guns and therefore the mass public has to deal with the various laws, bans, cotrols, etc., -- even when they themselves are used for a legal purpose.

Here is a great parallel for you: Sudafed. Pseudophedrine. It is a decongestant that until very recently was sold to anyone that wanted it for a cold, congestion, sinus infection, etc. It's actually quite good over-the-counter medicine and has proven to be tremendously safe -- even in large doses. Along comes the wayward meth addict and figures out how to use the ingredients in sudafed as part of the manufacturing process in crystal meth. So what are a people to do? Why, let's ban sudafed! You may laugh in other countries, but that is effectively what has happened in the U.S... I went in to buy some sudafed and it was "behind the counter". No biggie... I just asked for it... No so fast... They had to have my driver's license and full address in the system. Ok, this is creepy I thought... But my wife had a sinus headache so I pressed on. I wasn't done yet... The lady handed me a clipboard and asked me to read it... It spelled out in no uncertain terms (it was quite long) about what penalties, fines, jail time, etc. I was risking if I was buying it for the use or for other to use to make meth. Then I had to sign it. Sheesh. I signed the damn thing, paid for my sudafed, and went home.

So.......Is it normal for someone to want to buy and use sudafed?
No more or less so than the person that enjoys target shooting (or hunting for that matter) and does so legally.

I suspect we will have someone quite liberal in the White House next session and I expect it will be the end of reasonable gun ownership...

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Guns are pretty common up here in Canada, too. Lots of rural land that's good for hunting. We don't use them on people quite so much, though, and I don't think I've ever seen a firearm outside of a shooting range or a carnival.

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