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Forums - Movies Discussion - If your a multicultural person or Canadian or Hockey fan or Indian or.... You gotta see BreakAway!



Alright so I noticed one of the biggest films to hit theaters in Canada isn't mentioned anywhere on VGChartz or the interwebs. The movie's name is BreakAway and it stars one of the biggest comedians on Earth Russel Peters amongst other big name actors and actresses from both Hollywood and Bollywood.

The premise of the film is that a young indo-Canadian finds himself having to choose a career in Hockey or the love of his family. The young man makes several decisions which lead to the creation of the first all indo-Canadian hockey team. The film is obviously a comedy and it really holds its own, but it has a great underlying message about multiculturalism, acceptance , perseverance and family.

To be honest the only reason I went was to see Russel Peters I thought he would make the movie. But after leaving the theater honestly he wasn't even a fraction of the laughter and entertainment that the film provided. I was so shocked I actually really enjoyed the movie and I hate sports films.

This is not a review, I'd get to carried away and write a few paragraphs. I just wanted to create a thread that talks about the biggest multicultural film to come this year, or even in the near past or future. I suggest everyone see this film , especially if your Canadian, Indian, Hockey lover, multicultural or love comedies or sports movies.

This is a must see, I feel sorry for anyone who is unable to watch this comedic multicultural master piece. Sure it isn't Star Wars or one of the best films of all time, but it is a good movie none the less and one of the best to come out this year!

What do you think it will gross at the Box office? How many people do you think will see it? Have you seen it what did you think? Are you going to see it?


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I would definitely love to watch this.

That actually looks really cool! Rob lowe is on board right now as well! Usually I do not watch whole videos on this site, because they are too long and boring, but I checked out this whole video. Have I seen the main character somewhere before?

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"one of the biggest films to hit theaters in Canada"

ive never heard of this film and its not at any theatres that ive seen.

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Well if Hollywood doesn't want to make movies about Canadians why then don't make movies together with Bollywood :).

Doesn't look like a bad movie so that is also a win..


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MrBubbles said:
"one of the biggest films to hit theaters in Canada"

ive never heard of this film and its not at any theaters that ive seen.

You should have at least heard of it, its playing in almost every theater here in BC. I just checked several theaters in Ontario and Quebec and it is playing in like 1/4th of them, arrgg. The news reported a national launch it was all over tv but I guess while this is considered the biggest Canadian film to hit theaters this year, like all Canadian films they don't appear in every theater (Shame).

You should be able to locate it at a theater in your city if you live in a major city in Quebec , Ontario and such. I guess this reminds me of the launch of Bon-Cop Bad-Cop that movie was considered the biggest Canadian film of the year, however it played mainly in Eastern Canada and I had a hard time finding it here in BC.

I would highly suggest you track down a theater playing it, if you can't find one I won't go as far as promoting piracy but as a Canadian who embraces multiculturalism and love comedy this isn't a film you want to miss.


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This will be worse than The Mighty Ducks movies.




Never heard of it. I'm in Ottawa.

hahaha, I'm sure it will give me a good laugh. I'm from QC, but never heard of it.

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Oh jeez.... I'm all of the things mentioned in the thread title and I have no desire to ever see this movie. What's wrong with me?!