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Forums - Movies Discussion - Anyone else find Battlestar Galactica (new series) to be very overrated

Aside from the mini-series, I didn't really find the series to be very interesting except for the times where they were "borrowing" off Xenogears/Saga.

Problems I had with the series:

1. Too much tragedy happened to the characters; it got to the point where I was just thinking "really? Seriously?" It was so much that it became humerous, even when it was clearly not the intention of the writers to be humerous.

2. It didn't get to the point, they would start the story of an episode, and then it would be half finished. It made a lot of the episodes feel kind of crappy and pointless, and the onlty reason why they existed was so that they could provide back story for later episodes. The whole sturcture seemed one big mess. Too much teasing for stuff that happens way later.

3. Lots of blatant trashiness for the purpose of being trashy. Whenever the story was getting boring, they would insert scenes that were supposed to be shocking and horrid. All that managed to do for me was make me feel how poor the writers were that they had to fall back on trashy scenes to make their show interesting.

4. While I really liked some of the characters (Helo and Athena, Ty, William Adama), I found others to be boring (Fat Chief, and most of the rest of the cast), and it seemed that they would often focus on these characters in filler episodes which served mostly to give some backstory for a later episode.

5. Speaking of filler episodes, there seemed to be many of them after the first season or so. I liked the parts where they focused on Helo and Athena a lot, but then they kept focusing on other more boring characters.


Don't get me wrong, there were some fantastic episodes in the series (mostly the very early ones), but I found that 90% of the episodes were bad, and nothing really happened in them. I feel like I wasted lots of time watching them and would have done better just watching selected episodes with Wikipedia or IMDB to read notes for a bit of backstory on them. I am finding this to be a big problem with TV shows nowadays, in the 90's, even TV shows about nothing (Seinfeld) had a lot more happen in them.

My problem is that this show received a lot of praise, but I was very much underwhelmed by it; and I did watch the entire series.

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Compared to the original from 30 or more years ago? No this was pretty good. Nothing super great but I dont think any less.

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If it's rated above suck, then I'd say yes.

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I thought they were pretty awesome.

I think it was one of the best sci-fi shows to have been put out in the past 20 years.

The last episode kinda screwed over the ending, but outside of that, I thought it was fantastic. What other space operas do you believe are wholly superior?

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no, it lost momentum after year 2. American TV shows go on far too long, but this is a problem with american tv shows in general. Still, pretty much my favorite show that isn't from the UK or Japan in the last 20 years. And the 2nd season is probably one of my favorite seasons of anything.

However, I find xenogears to be on of the most overrated plots in videogames. Much of the same problems battlestar galactica had are the same problems I had with xenogears plot. I thought xenogears  made things unnecessarily complicated for the sake of it. And creating way too much imo unnecesary symbolism. I think it's a good story, but not the pinnacle so many hold it as. 

I watched the first couple of episodes, and then stopped watching. I'm not sure how many I watched, it felt like a lot, so between the first half season and the end of it.

I stopped watching as I felt that there were so many tragic and really nothing to learn from them. It got to the point that I felt a bit horrible watching, and I didn't feel like I'd watched something worthwhile. I didn't feel good while watching the show, nor after watching it.

It's tough to say why I disliked it. It had quite a few the elements I love in other science fiction shows, but it failed rather miserably to me. Maybe it was that the show took itself too seriously, I'm not sure.

Are you referring to the "new" series from a few years ago on syfy? I really like it. Thought it was pretty awesome overall.

It wasn't the greatest series but it was definitely good. The last season wasn't much to talk about and it got a bit preachy after a certain point but I really enjoyed it, especially the music.

Considering it was a Sci-Fi series (genre, not network) it was a step above most things.