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miyamoto, not only coming up with great hardware(the wii) but also the greatest games of all time. Without him nintendo would be dead

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Miyamoto by light years.



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Shiggy. Easily.

Kutaragi, since Miyamoto will this whole thing by default and doesn't need my vote.

Plus, I like Sony better :P


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This is a tough one - do I vote objective or subjective?

objective: Creating games is more important to the games industry than designing hardware and Miyamoto is probably the most influential game designer of all time. => Miyamoto

subjective: The PS1 is my favorite console of all time and I don't care for Miyamoto's games. => Kutaragi

Since I'm pretty sure that Miyamoto is going to win this anyway, I'll try to keep it balanced and take the subjective route: Kutaragi!



Shigeru Miyamoto

Miyamoto - for being the greatest industry icon

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