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Right now Im trying to go back and beat some of my older games on the hardest difficulty setting. I recently got done with Mass Effect 2, and a few parts were a pain, but mostly the final boss was the hardest part in my opinion. I probably died about 20 times before beating him.

Right now Im playing Star Wars Force Unleashed on Sith Master difficulty (hardest). It is a pain in some spots, but I have 3 more levels to go before I beat it. The hardest part so far was defeating Kazdan Paratus. That guy made me want to smash my controller! lol I almost gave up after more than 30 deaths. Finally I learned the technique and was lucky one time and beat him.

As far as my thoughts on Star Wars Force Unleashed...I would say its a great game with a lot of fun quality to it. graphics look kindove dated now, but still it has a very high fun factor in my opinion.

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Super Mario Galaxy is the best Mario game since Super Mario 64. 9.5/10

Can't wait to pick up SMG2!

August 2020 Articles: (The Wake: Mourning Father, Mourning Mother Review - 2.5/5 Stars)

Playing mostly Dead Island, Voice acting is shit, animations are laughable and the story is at best cliche, but the gameplay is just so fun! The weapon customization, the melee combat, a great open world and tons of content make this game great.

Still play Bad company 2 every now and then, best multiplayer shooter out there imo.

Also have been playing the BF3 beta on PS3, it's brilliant, HUGE amount of unlocks, great weapon customization, looks and sounds beautiful, Nice destruction effects, fluid controls and team-based gameplay at it's best. Can't wait to try out all the vehicles when the games released. What more could I ask for?

hatmoza said:
Reliving the wonderful time I had with SotC with the ICO collection.

My opinion is everyone with a PS3 and $40 whom never played ICO or SotC need to go pick up this collection before I begin kicking puppies.

I will, I will. Please don't hurt the puppies.

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Resident Evil 4 HD

I'm just about to fight Salazar...I LOVE THIS GAME. I remember getting it as soon as it came out on PS2, I loved the graphics, I loved the gameplay, I loved the gore. Resident Evil games have always had a great weapon collection system, I loved selling old weapons and upgrading new ones, the inventory system is genius and something which should be used more often. The game also has a fairly decent story and a great cast of characters, both friend's and foe's. In most games, dying is irritating, in Resident Evil 4, it's exhilarating and even amusing at times. One of the best aspects of Resident Evil 4 though is the fact that it's difficult, I am constantly running out of ammo and healing items and I need to adapt, that's what annoys me about news games, they're easy and whether you die or not boils down to luck and misunderstanding. This game is easily in my top 10 games of all time, what a classic.

Mass Effect

I was pleasantly surprised by this game when I first got it, the story and character interaction was great. After the first few hours, things started to go downhill though, the presentation turned fairly poor (bugs, poor animations and poor voice acting), the story weakened significantly, the gameplay became repetitive and shallow and the difficulty is so unbalanced. Basically it went from a 9/10 game to a 6/10 game within the space of a few hours, I've only just done the first mission after you leave the Citadel so I hope the game gets better again.

Red Dead Redemption

I've already completed the game on PS3, but now I have the prettier Xbox 360 to play. What a game. The game has such a great style and I love the Wild West setting. The characters are amazing, the mission variety is great, the gameplay is great, there is just so much to do in the game's epic world. Although missions gets repetitive after a while and the game drags on, it finishes with a bang, one of the best endings in any game I've played.

Final Fantasy VI

I've only just started the part where you choose seperate paths with the characters, about 4 hours into the game. I'm not liking the game that much, it's OK, but it's my least favourite Final Fantasy. Luckily, this is only first impressions and my friend promised me that the game gets a lot better, lets hope he is right. The one thing which is irritating me about the game is the characters, nothing stands out about them and I hate the medieval style of the game.

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I am enjoying that wonderful experience that is Xenoblade... I just started it and I can hardly think about anything else....

I've been playing to Bit.Trip.Complete too, which is an excellent collection and every gamer out there should give it a try.

Replaying Mass Effect 2 on pc and a little bit of Catherine on PS3 were other games I've been playing, but truth to be told, last month I gave more time to my brand new Nikon D7000 than to anything else.

finished ICO, wonderfull :)

now playing Shadow Of The Colossus, very different, but great! I love it when a Colossi falls!

d21lewis said:
Gears 3--Mana from heaven. Haven't taken on the Horde, yet but playing campaign with 4 people jumping in and out, fighting for high scores is way more fun than I imagined.

When I'm not playing that, I'm playing Resident Evil 4 HD. Game still looks great and is a lot of fun. It aged very well. At the time, many sites were calling it one of the best games ever made. The fact that it's still so awesome, so many years and later makes me believe they were right. Control could be better, though.

Bastion: I went a little download crazy last week, I guess. It hasn't hooked me yet but I only played about 20 minutes of it.

On the 3DS side, I'm playing RE Mercenaries 3D. So addictive yet so simple. It could have done a lot of things better but I'm enjoying it. It's got a Call of Duty vibe to it that I enjoy.

I pr-ordered Gears from Gamestop before buying it from Wal-Mart. I gotta go get my $65 back. But do I want the money or more games? I could probably get Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Vanquish, Castlevania Lords of Shadow, Spider-Man, or Dead Space 2 (If I play my cards right, I can get 3-5 games today). But will I have time to play them? Should I just let it roll over to Batman Arkham City or Uncharted 3?

Have you given thought towards putting that Gamestop credit towards Rage?

Silent Hill: Homecoming: It's graphically pretty bland, it isn't all that scary and the atmosphere isn't half as good as the older games. The combat is fun though and the voice acting is pretty good. It's an alright game overall, it just needed a larger budget and a team that could work with less resources and still make an impressive looking game (From Software, Platinum, some Eastern European developer).

Borderlands: Still slowly moving through the game because it's fun to play, but its lack of a plot, interesting characters, environment variety and enemy variety is really holding me back from putting more than a couple of hours into it at a time.

Dead Nation: Replaying it as the girl, it's a pretty rad game that's pretty fun to play, but it could use more frequent checkpoints.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: The first game was boring and so is the second game, it's just repetitive as hell and hasn't got anything to pull me along. I played it for a bout 2 hours and I'm going to put it down for now, doubt I'll get back to it.

Sega and Sonic All Stars Racing: I'm still trying to get all the environments and characters, it's a fun game and a fantastic fan service package for SEGA fans. It's also really pretty.

I also just picked up Alpha Protocol, Enchanted Arms,Need for Speed: Undercover and Gran Turismo 5. I'm looking forward to playing Alpha Protocol, I doubt I'll even touch the rest.

Just so everyone knows, I don't play games that often, but I do jump between games a lot unless I'm really into it. I've finished Resistance 3, Gears 3 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 just in the last couple of weeks and I finished each one of them in about a six hours each (Gaiden was probably about eight). They're all highly recommended and all for different reasons.

Bet with Conegamer and AussieGecko that the PS3 will have more exclusives in 2011 than the Wii or 360... or something.

Fruit Ninja Kinect - FUN
Bioshock 2 - Surpisingly fun multiplayer when you get into it
Splinter Cell Conviction - bit of a drag going for 100%
Burnout Crash - Makes me want Revenge 2