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Are you watching Sony's TGS Conference?

Yes 20 17.70%
No 20 17.70%
I'm about to do it 1 0.88%
OMG, FFX!!!! 72 63.72%

SO will they release both PS3/PSV versions in the same box?

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My favourite game ever is getting a HD remake... I'm going to j-oh fuck, I need to clean my keyboard BRB...

Okay back, as I was sa-oh god it happened again...

Seriously, I've gained every bit of respect and more for Square Enix now, this is literally the best Final Fantasy game in my opinion, and my favourite game of all time... infact, I was playing it a few days ago, since I'd been playing it for a few weeks straight maxing everything etc. and I'll happily do it all again because this game is just amazing!

I was literally waiting for them to announce this, it would have been silly not too

Excellent! Cant wait to revisit this gem!

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Waaay too many remakes, and why FF10 out of all the other FF's, why not 7, 8, or 9? SE lost their damn minds.

loy310 said:
Waaay too many remakes, and why FF10 out of all the other FF's, why not 7, 8, or 9? SE lost their damn minds.

Just as other posters said, remaking FF10 costs a lot less than remaking 7, 8 or 9. And I doubt this is actual remake, more like HD "remake" which means mostly just upscaling graphics which is very cheap (there is a reason why there are so many HD "remakes"). Just upscaling graphics would not be enough for FF7, you would have to remake everything. That means FF7 remake could cost 5-10 times more than FF10 remake.

Funny thing, I'm playing it on PCSX2 right now and it does not look that pretty (lots of 2D assets etc.). They'll have to do a bit of revamping IMO, and FFXII would be cheaper in that aspect since it looks far better and just upscaling would do it. But hey, it has been ten years... though if anything I'd like if SE focused only on next-gen remakes of their top titles (FFX, FFVII, FFXII) instead of this :P






I can't wait. Time to start saving those pay checks for a vita + games.

Now THAT is a good first thread for today...
STILL my favorite game ever getting some sorta remake... y'know I was hoping Vita would get PS2 emulation so I can play FFX on the go, but Sony blindsided me... fuck... even in that way, I'd love it.

I already played in in Full HD in PCSX2 and to ebe truthful, I would hope for some sorta major reworking!