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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Fantasy XIII-3? Square Enix planning ahead

I hope they're not actually planning to do this and they registered it just in case...

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Cirio said:
...And it will be released before we even get a full fledged gameplay trailer of FFvXIII.

That was basically what I was gonna say.

I'm really interested in FF XIII-2. From what I've seen, the game looks much better than XIII, which I still enjoyed despite its numerous flaws. If XIII-2 is any good, I wouldn't mind a third game, as I really like the characters and the universe.

As for those complaining about Versus. The game isn't even done by the same team. So I don't see why this is supposed to be related. Complain about Nomura, not Kitase.

So nobody is gonna make the comment that SE has cut that much of FFXIII because of the 360 that they could fill up 2 sequels? damn... I expected better trolling from this site..


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and yet FFXIII Versus is nowhere to be seen...

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VXIII said:
NoCtiS_NoX said:
SE release Versus dammit!

I am ok with the idea as long as that it is a great game but release VERSUS FIRST!!!

SE has renewed the trademark for Versus as of August 31, 2011, they're almost done with XIII-2, it's Versus time :D

The release date is still year/s away.  Any news from Versus just makes me mad.  Yes! I am bitter very bitter.  


Cirio said:
...And it will be released before we even get a full fledged gameplay trailer of FFvXIII.

Funny how you might as well be right.


I'm one of the few people who loved FF XIII, so it would be great if they do another sequel IMO. That doesn't mean anything so far though, they probably registered it just in case.

But honestly, if Versus doesn't release earlier than this I'll cry... :(

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Well to be fair at one time IGN stated that Final Fantasy X-3 was under development.

Well, I will see how Final Fantasy XIII-2 goes before I think about a sequel to that.

I don't actually think they will make Final Fantasy XIII-3, companies secure domain names all the time, doesn't mean they are going to use them.