Forums - Sales Discussion - PlayStation 3 sales have surged over 300% in New Zealand

PlayStation 3 sales jumped by over 300% in the week following the August 22 price drop across the 160GB and 320GB models in New Zealand.

The new recommended retail price of $479.95 for 160GB and $579.95 for 320GB model represents a saving of roughly $150 on the former recommend retail price.

“The PS3 is already the number one selling console. The new price point represents fantastic value for money as PlayStation 3 delivers full HD games, Blu-ray capability, plus music, movies, TVNZ Ondemand and more.  It is the ultimate home entertainment experience,” said David Hine, Director of Sales and Marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment NZ.

The sales spike is based on official industry data from The NPD Group Australia – formerly published as GfK New Zealand data.

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keep em coming

still don't know any numbers, how many units did they usually sell before price cut?


Percentage increases look much better than actual numbers in NZ. We're a tiny tiny market.

Rath said:
Percentage increases look much better than actual numbers in NZ. We're a tiny tiny market.

True. But clearly making our mark in the world. lol.

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As long as PS3 outsells 360 soon, I'm happy. I wonder how small our market in Canada is.... Everyone plays COD on 360 where I live except me! :P

So close to 1,000 units sold in one week?

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$479 for a PS3! What was the price at launch? It must have neared $1,000j

Sony conquers another stronghold?

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in other words, sony are dominating europe. im thinking sales may even increase next week. have they even started the ad campaign yet? i aint seen anything on TV. been seeing alot of Resistance 3 though.