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Forums - Music Discussion - Taylor Swift is greater than Bob Dylan

People, please stop feeding the troll.

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That's like comparing a car with a bike. You just can't do that. o_O This discussion is just wrong and above all delusional. Not that I like Bob Dylan, but: oh my gawsh.

Troll thread, locking.

When I read "Mr. Hendrix" in this thread I threw up in my mouth a little.

OHHH!!! Beat the buzzer! (inb4lock!)

Ps3 said:
Cirio said:
What's up with all of these off-topic posts by this guy? Trying to get your rank up?

Please explain to me how this is off topic? This is the music section.

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on one side you have a guy who wrote several songs that became anthems for social unrest in the 1960's and maintained popularity for over 40 years. Has experimented with a wide array of musical genres including blues, country, rock, folk and gospel. and is known as one of the most influential figures in 20th century music, and maybe the best lyricists of all-time...

..compared to a semi-hot girl..

I too would go for the semi-hot girl.. >_>


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there is so much wrong with this thread its sickening. you are entitled to like her more and thats fine and dandy. its unfair to compare music thats 50 years old to modern music cuz there are so many more resources available. even the great led zeppelin (my favorite band) a novice guitarist can learn most if not all of their songs within a few years of playing. theres only one truly fair way to compare popular artists, in my opinion, and that is to ask who has had the bigger influence on music as a whole. that is undoubtedly bob dylan in this case. if he had not done what he done when he done it, we might still be listening to "put the lime in the coconut" stuff. taylor swift is a better singer i will not disagree. i never heard her guitar. but i have read her lyrics and they are typical love song/country lyrics. dylan took lyricism to a whole other level by incorporating poetry elements into his lyrics. one last thing, awards mean nothing when it comes to music. she might have all those awards but who was her competition those years? idk there could have been alot of competition, there might not have been.

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