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I got home to see Uncharted in the mail... and my friend has the PS3 controller. He forgot to bring it over.


*pounds head on table*

I would go buy another one if the new Dualshock wasn't going to hit in the next few months. 

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Oh man that sucks...well at least you have a PS3 and you'll have the chance to play it. Unlike me :(

That sucks =/.

That sucks..

Buy a used PS3 controller at Gamestop/EBGames and when your through with Uncharted, just exchange the PS3 controller for a game or something.

Sorry rocketpig but shouldn't you made this thread (especially with this title) when you can't play the game...

Or you should change the title to:

I just bougt Uncharted but it sucks..... and then in the OP '...that my friend haves mine PS3 controllor'.

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Heh, we're meeting tomorrow for lunch so I can pick it up. I can wait one day to play it.

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^Ok lol.

Why didn't you wait one day to make this thread ^^''    A little useless now isn't?

Its worse for me, i promised myself I wouldnt open it until I got my HD TV. Thats not gonna be for 2 weeks >_

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awesome. I like your reviews so post them whenever you can.

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konnichiwa said:
^Ok lol.

Why didn't you wait one day to make this thread ^^''    A little useless now isn't?

I just think it's funny because how badly I have wanted to play this game for the past month and a half but wouldn't because I promised that I would get through AC, CoD4, ME, and several other games before I touched it.

Now that I'm done with those, I don't have a damned controller... 

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