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Your Favorite Studio?

Team Ico 19 9.27%
Polyphony Digital 9 4.39%
Naughty Dog 79 38.54%
Santa Monica 64 31.22%
Zipper Interactive 0 0%
Sucker Punch 11 5.37%
Evolution Studios 0 0%
Guerrilla Games 5 2.44%
Media Molecule 8 3.90%
Other 10 4.88%

For what they did this Generation:

1-Guerilla bcs of Killzone 2 and 3.

2-It is technically not a Sony studios but I like what Insomniac did this gen (Ratchet, Resistance)

Last Gen:

1-Sucker Punch (Sly Cooper !!!)

2-Naughty Dog (Crash Bandicoot,Jak)

Strangely I'm the only one who doesn't like infamous and Uncharted.


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Wow does everyone hate zipper this gen

If you asked me during the PS1 era, Naughty Dog would take the crown easy.

If you asked me during the PS2 era, Polyphony Digital takes the crown.

Now if you ask me today, Naughty Dog reclaims the crown.

Naughty Dog is my favourite studio. I like SCE santa monica almost equally.

Too many to choose from.

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BloodyRain said:

Wow does everyone hate zipper this gen

They were once golden, maybe even my favorite Sony Studio, but they've been pretty terrible this gen. One of the things I hate to see most in a company, is wasted potential. Zipper has done just that this gen. So much talent, but they lack the confidence to use it. I blame Call of Duty. Lol just kidding.

hmmm. One would think that Santa Monica would win this looking at how God of War 3 won both the H2H thread and the Greatest Sony Elimination game thread. This site needs to make up it's mind.

So many awesome studio's, my favs being Sucker Punch, Santa Monica, Japan Studio and Naughty Dog but i settled for Naughty Dog since Uncharted is just such an awesome franchise

Without a doubt in my mind, Team Ico

Santa Monica, I guess. They've been the most helpful this gen from what I understand.

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