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Your Favorite Studio?

Team Ico 19 9.27%
Polyphony Digital 9 4.39%
Naughty Dog 79 38.54%
Santa Monica 64 31.22%
Zipper Interactive 0 0%
Sucker Punch 11 5.37%
Evolution Studios 0 0%
Guerrilla Games 5 2.44%
Media Molecule 8 3.90%
Other 10 4.88%

Sucker Punch and Santa Monica.




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NiKKoM said:

but I also love my buddies at Guerilla!

Aren't they called Evolution now?

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Naughty Dog. I would say Team Ico, but they haven't released agame this gen yet.

I am the Playstation Avenger.


Naughty Dog for me. Uncharted is the Ip of the gen for me.

After that, I'd go with Japan Studio (which includes Team Ico) and Poliphony Digital.

i went with ICO

from wht i've seen i wouldn't dream of saying Zipper Interactive. its time to rebuild Zipper and get your focus back cause socom 4 should have never been released.

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Santa Monica. Not only are they responsible for one of my most loved franchises of all time (God of War), they also give support to other devs occasionally.

If thise was a few years ago, I would say Zipper. I've yet to play any multiplayer game as fun as SOCOM. Of course, I'm excluding recent SOCOMs.

Naughty Dog for me, I loved Jak and Daxter and enjoy Uncharted

Santa Monica -> Naughty Dog -> MM -> Sucker Punch -> Guerilla

(haven't played/completed any Team Ico game so I can't include them)

wow no love for sackboy, and naughty dog is leading by alot.

BloodyRain said:
Aldro said:
1.Naughty Dog (Cuz I just LOVE Uncharted the most)
2.Santa Monica Studios (Cuz I just LOVE GoW the second most)
3.Guerrilla Games (Cuz I just LOVE Killzone the third most)
4.Media Molecule (Cuz I just LOVE LBP the fourth most)
^Those four are my favourite developers, in that order, really.

5.Team Ico (Cuz I just LOVE SOTC&ICO XD)

6.Polyphony Digital (Cuz I just LOVE GT5 despite some flaws that shouldn't have been present)

What no love for sucker punch

Infamous has charm and its a great game, but it just doesn't quite stand out as much to me in order to make me believe in them as much :0