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Highest rated for good reason, and this is back when the rating system wasn't broken. 

The rating system has always been broken when it relates to squaresoft games, specially FF. Back then, almost every squaresoft game got a perfect score (5's and 10's, or that histerically happy red face from Gamepro), including of course, FFVIII. Ironically, the only game ever to receive a mediocre score was Xenogears (by Gamepro anyway).

bull crap, PE 1 & 2 scorced in the seventies as well as Threads of Fate and i believe the Legend of Mana. Those other games got rated high for a good reason

Granted, those games you mention we're given significantly lower scores, but as far as FF's went, the media was in bed with SQUARESOFT, and as a result the reviews those games routinely got were impecable. The same happens with Famitsu in Japan. It's as if the specializaed press had signed a binding contract to glorify everything and anything FF. Vagrant Story did pretty good, too (perfect histerically happy red face score, if I remember correctly), albeit this is a fantastic game.

there was only 4 FF released during the PS1 era and one of them was a spinoff. I'll giv e you Famitsu, they have been screwed up for years. But its not like they give everything with the name Final Fantasy perfect scores, thats simply not true. Dirge of Cerebus, Crisis Core, FF 11. Hell Mystic Quest. IMHO those FF games that did score high derserved it, except for 13, that shouldnt even be in the 80 range 77 the highest

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The better FF games are just better especially that FF7 was considered the best, so a lot of people were expecting the 8 to be at least as good as FF7

Ororo Munroe aka Storm of gets another ongoing solo with writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and artist Jen Bartel.  Coming soon :)

I just found the story boring by the middle of Disc 2. I stopped playing IX after acquiring Freya because I found the battle system really slow and uninspired. I've played about 5 hours of VII and I loved it, so I think I'll download it soon from the PSN. I wasted $20 bucks already on getting 8 and 9.

As someone who never owned a Playstation, I didn't play 7 or 8 until they were way outdated. 7 was quite good. 8 was not.

Here's why:

The game is poorly designed. As someone who very much enjoyed previous and later Final Fantasy games, 8 had me wondering "Okay, WTF do I do now?" far too often. The answer was usually "Run around in circles pressing X until something happens." Very poorly thought out game. The story, the point up to which I played, I did not find the least bit engaging. And the junction system is also a barrier, as I do not wish to relearn that system to continue the game.

FF7 (and other FF games) were well made, user-friendly, easy to get into. FF8 was none of those things.

I thought most FF fans consider FF 13 the worst? I am pretty sure the hate for FF13 is more than FF8.

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sethnintendo said:

I thought most FF fans consider FF 13 the worst? I am pretty sure the hate for FF13 is more than FF8.

Time plays tricks on us sometimes.  FF13 might seem more hated because it just happened.  I'm sure there was a lot of bitching when FF8 first came out.  The status of games also changes over time sometimes.  Like Windwaker; at first attacked a lot, but has a much better reputation as of late.

Back when people were speculating that Ultimecia was actually a future immortal Rinoa return in time to initiate the loop that started everything, I thought it was a good game with the sickest ending next to Planescape Torment.

Even after the myth was busted, I still feel it is the best ending that Square ever accidentally conceived by leaving their mediocre ending slightly ambiguous and allowing the player to draw a crap load of coincident together.

It was a fun game and I enjoyed in more than VII.

Nuff said.

I loved both in very different ways. (VII and VIII)

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Because it was the worst Final Fantasy of its generation.

I thought you were an electrician, not a stand-up comedian? With that, you should definetely go for the latter! ;)

I haven't heard of much hate for the game and recently got a good friend to start playing it. He always comes to me for advice - I finished it 3 times.

It's, IMO, easily the best FF of its generation. In all aspects but ARGUABLY story+characters (its own aren't good - but perhaps brilliant if you read a certain theory) and ARGUABLY music (FF IX's OST is the best one among all FF's) , it exceeds and supercedes the competition.

Squalls' douchbaggery and suckage can also be attributed to the localization - if you believe the internet, then Squall in the Japanese original version of the game is far. far, different. I'm gonna get the Japanese version eventually and see for myself. Because I fucking love FF VIII ;)

He's spanking right! FFVIII has the most ponderous story in the FF universe: everybody knew each other but they all forgot? C'mon! And don't get me started with the characters; they had less charisma than Col Gaddafi. The only things I liked were the music and the gunblade.

Like I said in another thread, an RPG that relegates story to a second place ought to be something else.


Thanks for the link; very interesting read. I went through it several times and found his analysis had a very engaging, albeit selective logic; something akin to finding a very specific lock that will be opened by a key.

'Everything fits together in an elaborate but perfectly designed puzzle. Everything connects and everything is related. And yet it still seems absolutely ridiculous.'

I must say that I gained a new perspective and appreciation of the FFVIII lore, but in the end, I reached the same conclusion as the author. It renewed my belief that, if anything, the storytelling is fundamentally flawed.

'I choose to believe that this is how the game was intended to be understood because, to me, the game makes no sense otherwise.'

That makes two of us. If SE ever musters the courage to release a remastered version, I would play it again, though.

I've imported the Japanese version to play it without anything being able to be lost in translation, of which the internetz say there could be lots. Squall's whole character, for example. I just need to brush up my reading skills now (they suck).

I'm inclined to believe it only because THEN it makes sense. So fuck, until I play otherwise, this is it!

People didnt like 8 only because of its predessor 7. 7 was an amazing game and had an incredible story line to make up for anything it lacked. 8 had the graphics but its story was weak thats why people didnt like it.

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