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Forums - General Discussion - What is your favorite Television Show and Why?Weekly Ratings update! ~ " What did you watch today?' The Office is finally ending its run in America'

I love Fringe! it's mystery/sci-fi/drama with an amazing mythology, character developement and more!
anyone else watching it?

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Supernatural,Teen Wolf,The Walking Dead... and a gangster show called Underbelly

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Can't wait for the 2nd season,it's one of the best stories I've ever seen,and it has incredible acting.

House M.D.

Hugh Laurie is just an amazing actor.

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I don't watch much TV. I love The Boondocks though.

Haven't watched TV for years really.

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been watching Seinfeld recently

True blood, Supernatural, Jersey shore( I know, i dont have dignity).

pezus said:
Breaking Bad and Toradora currently - BB is especially awesome

That's currently my 2nd most favourite's below game of thrones mainly because i've only seen the first 5 episodes.Need to see more,and who knows,it might get to be #1