Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony Research Lab and Sony Central Distribution Centre in UK set Ablaze by Rioters

Hey guys so I made a page on Facebook about the rioters and I think people should like it, lol:

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that building was totalled the biggest fire of all i think,it is what gets me very angry,sjurely they realise how dangerous fires are,it kills people,who do these people think will protect and help them when they have children and real lives,what a sad state of affairs

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Selfish,ignorance and no Morales. Britannia is scream for vengeance!!!

Anyone who's breaking the law is obvious a criminal.

This whole situation is completely screwed up. I really want to know what makes these people think doing all this terrorizing is a good idea? Don't they have any moral stardards?

They should really start shooting some of these rioters now, they had their fun, setting whole buildings ablaze and robbing stores is just going to far.