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Forums - General Discussion - HD-DVD takes the lead

NorthStar said:
Yea HD-DVD is doing so well that Warner is now going to be selling dual format discs one side Blu-ray one side HD-DVD...that leaves only Universal I believe as the only major motion picture studio sell HD-DVD's right? Sony Columbia Tristar, Fox, and Disney all back Bluray only...seems like HD-DVD is on its way out if that trend doesnt change

 You think Warner doing that to hurt HD-DVD? They've made it clear from the beginning that they want BOTH to win. That will avoid a messy format war, delaying HD adoption. By supporting both, and allowing movies to work on both, they are giving people the option to have both, rather than choose. It's the same reason dual players are coming out.

 And saying that a few dual players won't do anyting is ignorant, since it's just the first year for both formats, and a lot of potential owners are stating they would prefer to have both rather than being forced to choose.

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NorthStar said:
Yea HD-DVD is doing so well that Warner is now going to be selling dual format discs one side Blu-ray one side HD-DVD...

 Uhmm.. Warner never was an HD DVD exclusive studio, so that doesn't change a thing. Just makes things easier for them as they don't need to release two practically identical releases of the same movie on separate discs.

And for the matter of hybrid-players, Samsung announced that it will release a HD DVD/Blu Ray player this year, which supports all the fancy thingamajigs that both formats have (unlike the piece of.. from LG earlier). So if they don't screw the player up totally, I'm definitely getting one and buying my piece of total immunity from format war.

Oh and Samsung used to back Blu Ray only previously, but I suppose they realised that the war won't be over that soon after all. The model of the player is preliminary Duo HD BD-UP5000, incase you need a googled confirmation.


So let me get this straight, I'm trying to understand the world according to Sony fanboys.  Blu-ray movies have taken an 800,000 to 700,000 lead in movie sales (if I recall from one of the other threads correctly) and some movie studios are apparently bailing on HD-DVD and going multiplatform, which all means game over, blu-ray pwned HD-DVD.  Yet the Wii has a 7 million to 3.5 million lead over the PS3 and some 3rd party devs are going multiplatform which logically means the Wii is totally going down.  Am I the only one who finds this an odd way of looking at things? 

It would seem to me much much too early for either side to be feeling good.  Neither format is selling well.  Blu-ray has a massive lead in players sold solely because of the PS3.  That lead still isn't translating into movie sales though.   Since the price and general specs are basically the same we'll have to wait a year or so for prices to come down and more movies to be released before we can say who won the format war if anyone does.  Since dual discs and dual players are coming out they could just as easily split the market.  I have a feeling though that most people won't be as happy about switching so soon from DVD's as Sony, MS, and the various gadget freaks who inhabit forums like this would think.  People had VHS for around 20 years, they've had DVD's for less than 5 in most cases.  As others have said there were far more benefits of going from VHS to DVD than there are from DVD to blu-ray or HD-DVD. 

I still wonder how much blu-ray "sales" figures are inflated by bundle deals with the PS3.  Sony's loose definition of "sale" is of course well known so it wouldn't surprise me if as many as many as 1/4 to 1/3 of blu-ray movies are moved that way.