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Forums - Sony Discussion - *Best Sony Franchise Elimination Game*

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Influenced by following thread:

1 + Vote & 1 - Vote every 3 hours, + Adds 2 points while - Subtracts 3 points.

Franchises: (Sorry, If favorite isn't on list...only 10 picked.)


The Sony Elimination Game is now over! 

Thanks to all who voted and please continue to vote for the Microsoft and Nintendo Games.


#10) Sly Cooper

#9) Twisted Metal

#8) Jak & Daxter

#7) KillZone

#6) InFamous

#5) Ratchet & Clank

#4) Uncharted

#3) Gran Turismo

#2) LittleBigPlanet

#1) God Of War

Microsoft Franchise Elimination Game:

Nintendo Franchise Elimination Game:

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-Ratchet & Clank

boo at no crash though I guess it isn't a sony franchise anymore.
+Ratched and Clank

+God of War

+God of War

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+ God of War
- Jak and Daxter

+ Uncharted
- God of Bore

+ Uncharted
- Twisted Metal


No ICO series on this list? I was hoping there would be so I could vote it down a bit. Oh well...

+ Gran Turismo, because even though GT5 was disappointing, its still the best racing game available and GT6 is gonna kick ass.

- God of War