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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Greatest 7th Generation Battle/Debate GAME - Read the Rules!!

+exclusive vs multiplatform
-Achivements Vs. Trophies

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+ Achievements Vs. Trophies
- Mii's Vs. Avatars


+ PC Vs. Consoles
- Rockband Vs. Guitar Hero


+ Sony vs. Annomynous
- PC vs. Consoles

+ 360 vs PS3

- iOS vs HHs

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+ GT5 vs Forza
- GeoHot vs. Sony

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+ DS vs PSP
- Infamous vs Prototype

+ Wii Vs. HD
- Killzone 3 Vs. Bulletstorm

+ Xbox 360 Vs. Playstation 3
- mii´s vs avatars

+ Wii Vs. HD
- Kinect Vs. Move