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oniyide said:

z101 is full of crap, i doube he even usese the Move, i play KZ3 and Goldeneye and they both work very well. IMHO, the Move works better because the camera does a better job of tracking than the sensor bar, i find that with the Move i dont have to do that much adjustments to get the pointer controls just right. I hate that the wiimote usese batteries, it sucks that i have to keep buying double a batteries all the time, but to each his own

Please for the sake of the environment and your wallet purchase rechargeable batteries or Wiimote recharge kit.  You don't have to keep buying double AA batteries then.  I use energizer rechargeable and while they last about a week or two of heavy play I can just recharge them in about 20 mins (they go bad after about 1.5-3 years).  Just because Nintendo didn't provide an internal rechargeable battery doesn't mean you can't buy a rechargeable battery...   It will save you a lot of money in the long run.