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Forums - Sony Discussion - Official Playstation Vita Thread! The Last Stand - Ys VIII, Mary Skelter, Yomawari Midnight Shadows, Persona 3&5 Dancing, Atelier Lidy & Soeur, DanganRonpa V3, Demon Gaze II & MORE!


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Aerys said:

Unless these games are not enough ambitious or too weird for us, they'll come in the west, like Soul Sacrifice.

Most of the games released in 2012 in Japan came or are coming to us, so you can expect the same thing for most of 2013 games ( Toukiden im sure it'll come, and God Eater 2 like the first)

tales games? altelir or however you spell that?

God Eater 2 isnt confirmed yet. God eater 1 released in the west so long after it was originally released in japan that there was already a fan made english patch floating around the net with texts translated at around 80%ish already.

I have nothing against japanese games, in fact, I prefer them over western games. Only problem is only a hand full are localized which sucks balls!

I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, Sony should take the initiative and bring these games to the west where the vita is selling better. If there isn't a publisher, do it themselves damn it! come on Sony! get our head out of your asses!

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They may take time to be localized, but most of them are, Tales , like the Atelier games, could come if we are lucky.

God Eater 2 isnt even released in Japan, so we'll have to wait.

Localization is a matter of time

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This is what I'm afraid of, Sony showing games we already know. haayyz...



Dragon's Crown emerge!!!


FFX !!!!!!!! WOHOOO! -

Not bad, nothing really new but they dropped the price and the line up is looking really good in Japan.

Can't wait for FFX HD!!!!!!!

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So guys ... any info on those 2 games they highlighted? Release date? Any footage?




Nevermind ... the other thread has a ton load of info. xD


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well here's my view

The good
Lots of new footage of games...didn't go crazy with montages
Pretty much all the games they showed looked fantastic...Soul Sacrifice, PSO2, Toukiden, Gundam, Dragons Crown etc..all looks absolutely fantastic
Price Drop..good stuff
New bundles..good
New color..good
Confirming that FFX HD and Dragons crown are still alive

The Bad
Not a single fucking new the executives of SCEJ already..useless as they come. Why even have a brand new broadcast...when the last presentation they did was at TGS of last year when you don't even have a single new game to show? Embarrassing really. What are they thinking? Feel like the sony management as a whole is saying well sales suck now ..but it's not a priority for us. I don't get the line of thinking to be frank

Too many Hunting games...but then again this is not a big negative as this was an event for Japan. Hunting is to JP is what shooting is to Western. So it's not really a negative I guess. But wouldn't have killed to show a bit of Over my Dead body 2 yeah? pun intended

Overall..pretty much what I expected so I'm not disappointed. I am REALLY curious to know what the JP gamers are saying about this event. So if anyone here reads up on them, some insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Soul is not a hunting game it is not a monster hunter clone saying it`s a Monster Hunter clone is an insult to this unique game.

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Read a bit around the's a disaster facepalm fucking hell I think you maybe shouldn't have had this did more harm than good

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"This world is Merciless, and it's also very beautiful"

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Dat FFX HD music... Sent shivers down my spine. Awesome :) Pity there is no release date. This will sell a lot of Vitas. Good Sony didn't let the game turn into vapourware.

The whole event wasn't anything breathtaking, but was solid I guess. It's good that Sony is trying to convince the Japanese to upgrade from PSP to PSV, that's what they need to do. Price cut, 7 days of free PS+, transfering those PSP games in some window of time - should give a nice short term boost, which the release of hunting games can hopefully sustain. We should see improved sales in the coming months.
We'll finally see if there is a market for Vita in Japan. The sales probably won't go bananas, but it should at least get ahead of Wii U.

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