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Baalzamon said:
Cirio said:

Sony's biggest mistake was in saying no to Bungie back in the PS2 days.

Sony said no to Bungie?

Yes. They refused to fund for the Halo project. I'm too lazy to find a link but Bungie first approached Sony, but after being rejected, Microsoft offered to fund the game.

Biggest Mistake In Gaming History? No.

PS3's 600$ launch price and Nintendo losing third party support because of lack of CD storage rank higher in my opinion.

It's not even a mistake to begin with, so how could it be the biggest mistake in gaming history?

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To answer the question: No not the biggest mistake in gaming history. At least not yet. Let's see what Kinect can do next gen before a final verdict is given.

Wiimote was the next big thing this gen. Kinect might be the next big thing next generation. Despite being useable in precision games it still lacks the precision that a mouse, controller, steering wheel provides. Perhaps Kinect 2 will get a huge precision boost, but I don't see it replacing hand held controls for most precision games. Unlike, say Move and Wiimotion plus whaich can replace traditional hand held controls because they are equivalent to, and in some cases superior to non-motion controllers (see Move vs DS3 for FPS games).

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A small part of me dioed from laughing at this thread. xD kenect did well because it was given a stupidly huge marketing champain. Ever heard of a PSP eye? same tech just a little less powerfull ^^

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Funny thread. Passing on Kinect tech wasn't really a mistake for many reasons, and it certainly wasn't the Biggest Mistake of Gaming. Personally, I think Nintendo letting Sony into the games market handily fulfils that criteria. All because of a little CD dispute Nintendo had to suffer through not just the PS1, but the PS2, and those years were very bad for Nintendo. It would even be fair to say that if not for Sony and it's living room ambitions that extended far beyond just games (which is what Nintendo focussed on), that mistake could even be blamed for inviting Microsoft into the industry. Nintendo, kick yourself now. You should never forget.

i got banned for saying it was a mistake for capcom to make monster hunter on wii instead of ps3 so give me a good reason why you shouldnt get banned for this?

and the truth is that if i answered this question honesty, i would most likely get another ban.

all im going to say is that im glad sony went for OPTIONAL motion controls and not forced ones which would make games like starhawk, uncharted and twisted metal crumble.....thats if they would still be made instead of creating a 10 year old boy with family issues.

When are people going to drop the "hardcore" "casual" argument. That is really the most retarded thing I've ever heard. It's irrational to try to downplay a game by calling it "casual". A game is a game 

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I think it's more how it was a great decision for MS to get Kinect. They clearly had a better vision of what to do with it. They had the money to invest and market it unlike the other two. 

Sadly, Kinect is the kind of stuff that makes you focus on it, the hardware sold too well not to support, so ms is going to rely on third to feed the hardcore while they feed the casuals. 

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