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mysticwolf said:

or maybe they know something that we don't...

Cafe is a line of cafes Nintendo's opening where you can play 3DS, they go third party in the home console space! It's all true!

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This is why we have moms going to game store asking for a Mario game on a PS2 a gen ago... lol

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Do the PS3 Mario games come with Trophies?

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Super Mario Mutiplatform does have a certain ring to it:)

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Hate to nitpick, but



Game and Watch

Nelsonic Game watch


Virtual Boy












Mario already was multiplatform

Mario has BEEN multiplatform, Last time i checked the DS was a platform...

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i'm guessing they made that in 2005?

TripleMMM said:

This is why we have moms going to game store asking for a Mario game on a PS2 a gen ago... lol

Definitely true. My family has a Wii and a PS3. Before we got the PS3, my stepdad asked my mom if she thought it was a good idea. Her reply: "Only if it has Donkey Kong and Mario on it."

Uh........That was a fun one to try to explain. Why exactly is Mario a single-platform game? 'Cause Nintendo created him.

I'd like to point out Mario appeared on the PC, Panasonic CD, has appeared in numerous non-game related commercials, has an animated TV show and has a (bad) movie.  Its not like Nintendo didn't allow other companies to use their mascot.  But letting Sony or MS have a cut, it will never happen.  It would be like letting Pepsi make Coke for a year.

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