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Decreasing? Yes
Rapidly? No

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By 2009 the ps3 will take out the Xbox 360.





xbox 360, ps2 are my consoles 

 end of generation predictions: wii 106 million Xbox 360 59 million PS3 57 million  


so in 2010 ps3 > xbox 360?

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Spectrumglr said:

Oh no, not again...


lol that's soooo good, guess like I don't need to say anything after all 

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RSEagle said:
I don't understand why the 360 usually sells a little better than PS3 worldwide, but is still rapidly losing market share to it.

 If I have 100% of the market with 50 units sold and you have 0% of the market with 0 units sold then the following week we each sell 25 units the new market shares would be ME 75% & YOU 25%.

If the following week I sold 20 units and you sold 15 then the new marketshare numbers would be ME 70.37% & YOU 29.63%.

Market share is about ratios, not amount sold. 

-If you want to hold a 50% market share you must have half of the sales to date. 

-If you want a 66% market share you have to outsell your competitors by selling 2 items for every 1 they sell. 

-If you want to maintain an 80% marketshare you have to outsell your competitors by selling 4 items for every 1 they sell.

-If you want to maintain a 90% market share you have to outsell your competitors by selling 9 items for every 1 they sell.

-If you want to maintain a 95% marketshare you need to sell 19 items for every 1 they sell. 

- If you want to maintain a 99% market share you need to sell 99 items for every 1 the sell. 

-If you want 100% marketshare you must sell an infinite amount of items for every 1 they sell...or in reality your competitor cannot make a sale at all otherwise they will forever have some amount of marketshare.

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I believe PS3 market share will definitly reach 360 market share by 2008, 360 cant touch spain, italy or japan like the PS3 can.

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Blackhawk FSI said:


 What's so funny? This is the general consensus on Vgchartz and doesn't seem far fetched to me either.

Apparently, the Playstation 3 does not have to outsell the Xbox 360, in order to take away some of its market share. The Playstation 3 simply needs to sell better than before, which is what it is doing.