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Read full story here about the elderly man who callously tortured a kitten to death and allowed his two dogs to play with it before he threw the dead kitten in the creek. 

".....In sentencing Magistrate Michael Wheeler said the incident was a "sustained act of vile cruelty."

"You tortured this cat and treated it like a cockroach," he said...."

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He should've been fined a good couple millions. I despise animal cruelty, and this would have done away with him just as well as a bullet to the head would.

Should get a jail sentance ...


You can buy 9mm rounds for about $1 a bullet, cheap justice is just a quick trip to the store.

Yet he's not banned form keeping animals. They should at least take his dogs away from him, I can't imgine he has much respect for them either. Abusive bastard!

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Reading this thread title I couldn't make out if the animal killer was elderly himself, or if the cat he killed was elderly. The jerk should be thrown in jail!!!

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"Kitten killer" perfectly describes the senile elderly man the offender who callously tortured and murdered a defenceless kitten in cold blood. 

A clear open and shut case of brutal, vicious, calculated and premeditated 

A person who enjoys inflcting such a brutal crime on a defenceless animal would pose in my view a threat to the community. Sick, twisted and perversed old man with a psychopathic personality disorder. 

If you can kill a kitten you could easily kill a defenceless child. 

Animal liberation groups would be horrified that it was only a  $20,000 fine. A two year prison term plus a larger fine would be a bigger deterrent to sick animal murderers.

its never really can know someone...clearly this individual puts on a good show of caring about birds and dogs...but hes obviously no respect for any animals at all.  death penalty seems the only real course of action for such a sick person. 

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Execute him.

It always kind of disturbs me how quickly people on this board call for people to be executed...


Edit: 'Off with his head!' she said, without even looking round.