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All you have to do is put what score you think the game below deserves, and write a brief explanation as to why it deserves that score.

Voting is open for 3 days, after the 3 day period I will count up all the scores and get the average of the game.  I will be putting up a new thread with a new game every 3 days



1. You had to have played at least enough of the game to form an honest opinion about it

(playing it for 5 minutes is NOT enough time, nor is watching a friend play the game)

2. Scores have to be on a 10 point scale with 7 being average.

3. If you score a game 5 or under, you have to go into great detail as to why you gave it such a low score.

4. A game must have at least 15 people that gave it a score to be counted.

5. If you score a game more than once none of your scores will count

6. Users with less than 50 posts cannot score a game.


Last game was Halo Reach with a score of 9.23

Highest score was 10, lowest was 6


Today's game is Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Vgchartz score--9.26

Gamerankings score--87.79%

Highest score was 10, lowest was 5


Vgchartz top 12 rated games


Rank Game Score
1 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) 9.55
2 Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) 9.52
3 Street Fighter IV (Multi) 9.40
4 Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
5 The Orange Box (Multi) 9.24
6 Halo Reach (360) 9.23
7 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) 9.16
8 Halo 3 9.13
9 Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) 9.09
10 Mario Kart Wii (Wii) 9.04
11 Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (PS3) 9.03
12 God of War 3 (PS3) 9.0


Next game is Assassins Creed: Brotherhood.
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How the heck did Reach make it in first? O.o 

Sig thanks to Saber! :D 


It stays true to its roots of donkey kong country which is always bannana shattering. Its always on like Donkey Kong, it has kick ass levels, and those time trials can kick your ass. The only thing that sucked was the multiplayer.


dsister said:

How the heck did Reach make it in first? O.o 

Cause virtually no one voted under a 9.2 for it.

For me is a 9.2.

Level design, difficulty, charm, everything is superb. It was one of my top 3 games last year and it stood up to the challenge of delivering a worthy sequel of one of my favourite franchises ever.

If it had classic controller compatibility and its soundtrack was a bit more inspired, I would have given it a ten.

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why is 7 an average?

cr00mz said:

why is 7 an average?

Because thats how games are rated these days


A good Donky Kong fix but I'm beyond 2D platformers now. I want another DK64.


Great level design, lots of levels and secrets, two player mode, high production values. Not as good as New Super Mario Bros. Wii, that's the most negative thing I can say about this game.

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Normally i would say 8.0 a good not game breaking game, but seeing all those ridiculous scores on mediocre games in the ranking i can safely say this game is worth an 11

Ergo, my vote is 10.0

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