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If you could tell a publisher or developer, what you want them to make game wise, software wise, what would it be?? 

Mine would be to microsoft. I want microsoft to jump into the handheld market. I think they would make a kickass handheld. Have achievments on it.... And the great exclusives like gears of war, halo, forza, allan wake..... and itb kewl to see them throw some zune software in there for me too.... Cause i love my zune... 

So your turn...... 

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I'd tell CAPCOM to make a full blown Resident Evil MMO where you wander the streets of Raccoon City killing zombies, collecting limited supplies, and meeting up with other random players. It'd be kinda like the "Outbreak" games but on a much bigger scale.

That would be a dream come true.... *tear*

Another title in the Chrono series... very simple.

Xen said:

Another title in the Chrono series... very simple.

Very wise choice. At least give me Chrono Cross on psn. I want to play that game.

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I would tell GameFreak to get on with the pokemon mmo already =p....oh and sucker punch that i love. Oh wait....already did that lol

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Just give me Cod4 with the best graphics possible.




I want a zelda/okami type adventure rpg made by team Ico with the artists of studio Ghibli and directed by Hayao Miyazaki (Princess Mononoke / Spirited away)

But let them finish the last guardian first :)

Xen said:

Another title in the Chrono series... very simple.

Yes, but make it as worthy as the original and keep most of the original cast.

I would have asked for a FF7 remake a year or 2 ago, but I can't stand most of the games Square Enix makes now. A full console Pokemon would be nice though.

On a completely unrealistic level, fully immersive virtual reality.

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