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The eternal battle of media phenomenons that conquered the young lives of many children and the wallets of many parents. One of them is based around possibly the greatest game series of all time and the other is based on one of the best selling mangas in history. Both are loved by millions by people from all around the world, but which is the better franchise?

Is it Pokemon? The games series that has sold over 200 million games world wide, spawned an extremely popular anime series, one of the most succesful card trading games in the world  and has had fourteen movies based on the adventures of Ash and his friends.

Or is it Dragon Ball? The manga series that has sold over 300 million copies world wide, has created one of the most popular  and longest lasting animes series of all time, has had thirteen films based around it's universe and has even had a live action movie starring the famous Chow Yun-Fat (I be trollin).

I personally find it extremely hard to choose. Pokemon Red, Yellow and Gold are some of the greatest game ever made and Pokemon in it's prime was an amazing spectactle and experience. I loved collecting the cards, playing the games, battling people, watching the shows every morning and just seeing the world being swept up into the craze. It was an amazing feeling that I've only felt a few times before (Harry Potter, Dragon Ball Z and Spiderman) and it's one that I long to feel again. The problem is that the anime series took a nosedive in quality after the third season, the cards eventually started to become whored out and useless and the games lost the impact and thrill that they once had and this has hurt my feelings toward the franchise going forward.

Dragon Ball on the other hand is special, everyone I knew watched it and some of the greatest memories I have as a kid was pretending to be Vegeta, discussing the series, collecting the cards and playing the games. The craze wasn't as strong, but it was far more consistent and as I got older and started to hide my nerdiness behind a tough guy bravado, I could always count on DBZ for some anime conversation with people who aren't interested in anime, because every 18 year old guy knew their DBZ and loved it. I've re-watched the series multiple times and I love Dragon Ball and still firmly believe it's one of the most epic TV series ever created. 

I'm leaning towards Dragon Ball because it has stayed with me for the longest, but I can't forget how great and huge Pokemon was back in the day.

Whatcha think?

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Pokemon was and is way better than Dragonball Z. 

I loved Dragon Ball back in the day, but Pokemon really is the bigger phenomenon. Especially since DB's very close to dead now.

I dunno why you're making me choose, though, D:.


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Immortal said:

I loved Dragon Ball back in the day, but Pokemon really is the bigger phenomenon. Especially since DB's very close to dead now.

I dunno why you're making me choose, though, D:.

I wouldn't call DB dead when Kai is doing pretty well and the show is still airing in plenty of Third World countries. Also, popularity is only a part of a franchises success. Avatar may have made the most money, but I'm pretty sure that people will remember and still be praising The Social Network and The King's Speech in fifteen years.

If you think Dragon Ball is a greater franchise, then explain why and try to prove it. It's sold just as much merchandise and has been airing and selling over a much longer period of time, so it isn't down and out in this argument.

Bet with Conegamer and AussieGecko that the PS3 will have more exclusives in 2011 than the Wii or 360... or something.

Well sure the amount of money generated and sales may not always indicate which is the better franchise. However in this case I'd have to say Pokemon takes the case. Pokemon became my favorite game in 1995 when I got a pirated copy for my PC. I of course bought the legit copy and a GameBoy as soon as I could. The game was amazing I actually managed to collect all 150 thanks to a GameShark which I only used for Mew. I fell in love with the TV show and card game and board game etc...etc... I loved Pokemon.

Now growing up I got caught up in  Dragon Ball Z I loved the show and looked forward to every time I could go to a friends house and watch it. (We didn't have cable) I played the games abit and I even collected the cards for awhile. However I slowly grew out of Dragon Ball. I went back and watched the origional Dragon Ball series and didn't like it all that much, after DBZ was done I watched DB:GT for a short while but didn't particularily like it very much.

In the end today I still buy Pokemon games, untill Nintendo took over the card game I bought the cards. I don't buy the anime or movies but every year I watch the newest Pokemon film. I watch the anime every once in a blue moon with my sister who still loves it.

I may not love Pokemon as much as I did from 95-02 but I still love the series. Dragon Ball asa franchise I wanna go back and re-watch all the old episodes but don't want to spend the money doing so. In all honesty my love for Pokemon is alive and well while my love for Dragon Ball has faded.


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Pokemon by a country mile. Dragon Ball GT is awful as are most of the games and the live action movie. Pokemon games are still good (even though I will never play one again ever) and the anime just won't end.

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the pokemon games are way better then DBZ games, but dragon ball z was a WAY better tv series then pokemon (these r my opinions)

I like Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball Z more than the pokemon TV series. DB GT is a joke that never happened to me, and the one pokemon game (gold) that I played was fantastic.

To me, Dragon Ball wins overall.

I'd say Pokemon is bigger.

Pokemon and DBZ hit there heyday right around the same time, but i'd say Pokemon's primary franchise material has obviously endured in its appeal, though DBZ maybe lasted a few more years as a cultural phenomenon

I'd give the edge to Pokemon overall, though not by much

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