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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 3DS “Causes Mass Eye Pain” “Needs 15m Break Every 30m”

d21lewis said:

And yet not one complaint of being sucked into a 3DS and being chased by Bowser.  People need to get their priorities straight.

I'm still surprised that even after that happened to the two biggest Nintendo employees that they still decided to release it. 

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"An unheard of 15 minutes break every 30 minutes", really now? Is that site new to Nintendo trolling? Have they totally forgotten about the Virtual Boy?

Anyway, what should lead to bigger concerns is the soon to be released Dead or Alive Dimensions. I've read a story about a woman getting pregnant from watching 3D porn, so the new DoA could lead to mass pregnacies of video game characters, no?

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Lyrikalstylez said:
tarheel91 said:

Sankaku Complex is known for hating on anything Nintendo.  The stuff they post is often grossly exaggerated, taken out of context, or outright lies.  You don't go to that site for the news. >_>

Why is it a lie?


As I said before after about 30 minutes I get headaches from watching 3D, I suppose you think Im the only one in the world that has this problem also?

This is where reading comprehension helps.  "The stuff they post" is what I refer to as being "grossly exaggerated, taken out of context, or outright lies."  I say nothing about this specific article.  I pointed out that Sankaku Complex loves to editorialize and misrepresent the facts of the situation to fit their views, so it's entirely possible (probable even) that this might be the case here as well.

TL;DR Sankaku Complex is not a legitimate source for news.

alfredofroylan said:

Found the original source I was wrong it's 6 tweets:

6 tweets = a mass.

So the source of the source is some tweets huh?  Thanks alfred this is not news and will be treated as such until some credible sources come to light.  Also the site linked in the OP leads to a site filled with porn, don't post that site again, we have NSFW rules here for a reason.


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