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If the wii failed and nintendo dropped out of the console business and went straight into handhelds, that coupled with how mobile devices are steadily becoming more powerful, could we have still seen the 3ds or perhaps something more powerful? (wii failing- signifying that hardware power matters more than software)

I'd think you'd see all resources pooled and focused on a handheld with power eitherway.

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We'd all be playing dumbed down computer games ( grr, battlefield 3 console only 24 players online *shakes fist very angrily* ), industry would shrink, costs rise ever higher, and eventual collapse like it's 1983 all over again.

they wer developing move-like tech before the wii,, there is a vid on youtube showing the tech before the wii was even out

PLAYSTATION®3 is the future.....NOW.......B_E_L_I_E_V_E

The Wiimote would have been a gamecube attachment and would have failed...

2001 prototype!294642/unearthed-nintendo-2001-prototype-motion sensing-one handed-controller-by-gyration


and the iPhone would rule gaming!


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