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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ps3 wins best console award from IGN

In fact it won the prize for best "new " console/gadget so all this talking is useless....

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Yeah they don't announce their "best overall" console until the end of next week. Any ways these are just the editor(s) opions. In a simular vein when PC Magazine was giving it Excellence in Technology in Gaming award they gave it to the Wii, not because of the controller but because of how small, well put together, energy consumption and that it emitted very little heat for it size. You just have to take awards with a grain of salt.

DoctorWii said: This is bullshit. That machine has so many problems with it..... I lost all respect for IGN.
Hmmm... I think it would all depend on the criteria you are using to make such a suggestion. It may be that they are simply awarding it the paper value of the machines potential. Its not a sales award or an entertainment award. You have to admit that on paper the PS3 sounds like its better than the rest. Whilst interviewing the massive line-ups in Aus for collection of Wii pre-orders from EB games sites alone, I found alot of couples whom had pre-ordered the console for themselves. People that aren't gamers but stated that they were waiting for something like this to come along that they could just pick-up and use. So people can call it a gimik if they want, but the premise of technology is that it would be acessable to everyone. I don't think that the PS3 is acessable to everyone. Given that you get everything you pay for out of the product. You also would more than likely not be in a position to use all its features. There is no denying that the PS3 is impressive, too much so perhaps. Much of its tech is out of reach for a majority of people, which makes it exclusive. A marketing curse to say the least. I feared something like this would come out of Sony, because of all the companies producing next-gen machines. Sony crowed the loudest whilst producing the least in the years preceding its launch. There was also a feeling within the reporting community that perhaps Sony weren't as ready to produce a new console as they lead everyone to believe. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it was only XDev, which started the whole thing, that actually gave us all the impression that they were onto something. Nintendo answered the call, confidently as well, but were the most resistant to its occurring. In discussions with some Japanese friends within the gaming community in Tokyo. I found that many didn't expect that the PS3 would do so dismally upon launch. That the total sales figures for the console at this time, should've applied to Japan alone. I agree with this and whilst discussing the nuances of this fact, one thing we agreed upon was that the console was just scary. Bottom line. Too much tech, too useless, too-all-at-once. This also makes many contingents within the Japanese gaming community believe that the console is not a dedicated gaming platform, the price alone suggesting that the unit is using bundled untried technology. For many Japanese people, it would've been far better that they dedicated the PS3 as a gaming platform and that Sony's other division produced affordable BR-DVD players and so on, than try something like this. Again, much of what the PS3 is, is unusable for a majority of people, using technology that hasn't been widely adopted let alone proliferated in the consumer market. So yes, its impressive. You won't find another console like it, on paper. In fact you won't find another piece of hardware now, or in the near future like it. There is no denying this, but there is no denying the other technological marvels such as the Wii, DS, X360 and so on, either. If you do, then you are missing the point. Course this is all just my opinion... Me I am eagerly awaiting the Post-Xmas Wii pre-order allocation figures as the numbers sold are Pre-Xmas direct sales for the holiday season. Can't remember the last time a pre-order cycle has maxed-out for a console in immediate POST-Xmas sales.

DoctorWii said:
This is bullshit. That machine has so many problems with it..... I lost all respect for IGN.

What problems?



Sorry but it IS the best piece of hardware. YOu are in fact getting the most out of your money.
This and its 2006 PEOPLE almost a year ago.

But if its best console to choose i would beg to differer and say wii or 360 was better.

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Yes this is a year old and

"Judging the consoles based upon a broad perspective that includes software now available and coming in the future an entirely different argument could be formulated. However, from a hardware perspective, the PS3 is by far the more interesting console."

They did not even take games into consideration, only hardware. Hardware wise, PS3 is the best and no one should ever doubt this.

Now for 2007, taking everything into consideration software and hardware, I would say it would be a toss up between 360 and Wii, both had many AAA games that are going to be the best of this generation.

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yeah I swear they did this last year

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I would have put the Xbox360 as the best console for 2007 because the line-up.

NOTE : this is old : "best of 2006" ?

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leo-j said:
DoctorWii said:
This is bullshit. That machine has so many problems with it..... I lost all respect for IGN.

What problems?

leo, you KNOW everyone is going to answer lack of games........... and delays on most major system saver upcoming titles.

In the PS3 defense, they are very reliable/stable consoles. I think the defect rate is about equal to Wii, approx less than 2%.


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