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Forums - General Discussion - If someone invaded your country would you fight back?

NiKKoM said:
NJ5 said:
NiKKoM said:

Probably not.. I would protect my wife and children (I would have them by then) but that's about it..

What if there was a likelihood that your family would suffer a lot of oppression in the future?

 If i would take up arms with the risk to get killed and thus leaving my family without anyone to protect them.. I would take the oppression.. I would try to divert all the suffering on me.. to protect my family..

Yeah I didn't mean to imply that it's an easy decision, or even that you're wrong.

It's probably a moot point anyway, most of us here don't live in countries worth invading.

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Yes....yes I would.

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Yes I would.


No. I left that shit behind me. Even if I did fight, I would have been labeled a terrorist anyways.

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i'm not gonna lie.... i would run like a fucking girl

I'm a quaker and so I'm not in favor of fighting.  I would try to protect myself but only fight back as a last option and then still try to keep it to hand to hand instead of firearms.  Cali is so different from where I live anyway, I'm not sure if I have a special attachment to that area anyway.  Now, if NH was invaded, I'd be much more pro-active but I'd try to encourage peace.

Though I get it.  The US invaded Afgan and Iraq, it's no suprise that some people there are still fighting back.  The US government has commited millions of horrible acts all over the world and people will continue to be mad, rightfully so, at the US government for generations.

Nations shouldn't invade other nations and destroy the economy while they will innocent people.


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im with you man. the thing is freedom has no place in any counrty! think about it; the contries that consider them selves free have somebody running it.

how much of the decision to go to war is your own anyway? we will never all think the same so we will never be equal to the standers of the so called constitution of America or any other counrty that considers its self free!

my country is the same thing as my home is too me. If somebody brakes in i would do whatever i can to defeat this invader and that is what i would do to mo country if an invader tries to take over it! 

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If someone invaded the U.S., I would join our armed forces and do whatever I can to help.