Forums - General Discussion - Have you ever eaten while taking a dump?

Well? It occurred to me that this could be an awesome thread topic while I was doing so on the toilet.



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No - no I haven't. I'm always on the laptop though.

I sometimes chew gum ... play PSP or read.

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hatmoza said:

I sometimes chew gum ... play PSP or read.

Me to, though not on PSP. Play the odd puzzle game on my phone when going potty at work.

Have talked on the phone too; though not at work...don't want colleagues coming in and realising it's me making a smell and talking on the phone while doing it.

Toilet topics are always good for lightening the mood. I approve this thread.

So where do people put their gadgets when they have to wipe? In the undies hammock, on the cistern behind you, on the floor, on the toilet roll dispenser, in your pocket (shirt or trouser)?

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Never, that's weird


Sounds efficient.

don't waste time

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Justin said:

Yes, out with the old.  In with the new.



No I never eat. A cup of tea does nicely though.

Many times I have had food in my mouth because of urgency.Does it count? :P