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My PS3 is collecting to much dust!

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my ps3 is collecting dust even though i play it evryday you kno why? bcoz i dont move it i jus play it

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Yeah my 60 gig PS3 had a lot of dust on it, so one day I decided to give it a nice external cleaning... boy did that screw me over, somehow vacuming over the disc tray ruined the lense (Though it was already crapping out, noticed when playing Uncharted 2).  So now I have a slim PS3.  Gonna change the lense eventually, just been to lazy too.

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We all know that the PS3 is the most powerful and the most complex console in the market. The problem is, its a dust collector, and at any second I could get the YLOD!!!!! I ain't opening such a complex console to finally play games on it.

I ask my friends about this worrying problem and he gave me a list of games and told me to pirate them. I told him "I'll never pirate you pirate!" and he told me, " but its so easy,you have to learn how to hack it though, here, have a look at this video" He gave me the video and I got this.

If you didn't look at the video because you don't trust me, he gave me a video about a strange man dancing. I mean, yeah, Its great to see a good dancer once in a while, but that doesn't solve the problem. I don't know what to do with the dust I have in my ps3 >:l


UNSUCESSFULL TROLL IS UNSUCESSFUL LOL sorry just had to change your avtar, ps3 has plenty of games, so get out there get a ps3 slim by trading in your old ps3 and stop worrying, also i do not recommend piracy sony will ban your console from psn and probably much more...

Just look how many people picked the first option and wanted me perma banned  because of the thread title.

lol i had to add something funny to the thread,i know how they feel but ever since i came back after my last ban i seem to joke about everything now lol

it seems to be keeping me out of trouble as well so it's all good, anyway hope you find a solution if not like other ppl said a good hoover always did the trick what i had a fat ps3, but as soon as i could because it kept on freezing and shutting down on me i traded it in, because i was too scared it would YLOD on me, so i know how you feel

laugh out loud at junel pretending her first post wasn't serious, then backtracking when she realised OP was a joke

actually i was really joking, so , you obviously dont get my jokes

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