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My PS3 is collecting to much dust!

PS3 got no Gamez! 46 22.33%
Can't believe I got here... 24 11.65%
Perma Ban Him!!!!!!11!!!! 50 24.27%
lol 20 9.71%
7-6(3*2-25)10=2+2? 9 4.37%
I actually read the thread... 57 27.67%

Wow,  almost all posters so far did not read the OP.  Nice job.

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You guys have to see the poll results, its that good.


I was really suprised by the amount of dirt/dust inside my PS3 when I opened it up for the first time, I was totally shocked that it actually kept working and didn't just blow up, now I open my PS3 once or twice a year to clean the interior and change the thermal compound, its actually a very (strangely) satisfying process.


My PS3 was collecting more dust while on than it is now when it's broken.

seriously the old phats were like vaccuum cleaners

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you should give it to me it's to dusty for you

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mehbe yoo juz dun liek gaemzzz deeerp

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Where is the "WTF??" poll option?

I must be Bord I acutely read this thread.

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thelastsoldier said:

have PS3 and Wii....and Wii is collecting dust......i voted that you should be banned and you are a idiot to say the least

have a wii and a ps3 too. Wii was my first console and bought my PS3 relatively recently, so Wii is collecting dust too.

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Whoops, forgot the "I only read the thread title" button. 

Silly me.