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I wanna be part of it! So tomorrow I'm going to post my number 50 or number 1?

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NUMBER 50: DISGAEA 2 (PS2) -The best of the disgaeas, story wise imo, I particularly liked rozalin,  Improved mechanincs from 1 but early in series so game mechanics not yet boring 

NUMBER 49: PERSONA 3 (PS2) -The persona with the best story (and best persona and atlus game period imo), the psychological influences and archetypes are particularly cool, solid enough characters, and like disgaea 2, early enough in the series that the battle mechanics weren't yet stale

NUMBER 48:BLUE ROSES: YOUSEI TO AOI TOTOMA NO SENSHITACHI(PSP)- A great Strategy RPG for those who are bored of the same-ness of Disgaea, good game mechanics, good story and overall great game, surpasses even the best Disgaea IMO and 2nd best SRPG I have ever played.

NUMBER 47: ATELIER ANNIE (Emulated on PC)- The game that got me into the Atelier Series (of which I am now a HUGE fan), extremely good humour and a very different style of RPG experience. really showed what gust was capable of creatively (ar tonelico is all great (and all 3 are on my list) but its format is pretty standardised by comparison to atelier and its humour is much cruder)

NUMBER 46: FF12 REVENANT WINGS (DS) - Great story and awesome follow on to 12, Gameplay got a bit frantic at times making the game artificially difficult in places. would have been even better on psp or ps2/3

NUMBER 45: BRUTAL LEGEND (PS3) - all round solid game with great humour and excellent genre-meshing creativity in game mechanics. Controls were annoyingly clunky at times but great characters and good humour more than made it worth it.

NUMBER 44:ZELDA:OCARINA OF TIME (N64) - Despite being one of the most hyped games of all time (normally a bad thing) and by far the most hyped entry in the series currently it still ranks in the top tier of Zeldas and and incredibly enjoyable adventure game, the game is so iconic I can't say much that hasn't already been said about this one

NUMBER 43: SHADOW HEARTS (PS2) - A solid rpg from some of the old makers of Final Fantasy, at times feels like FF8 on the ps2 but still a great game and well worth a playthrough.

NUMBER 42: KINGDOM HEARTS: BIRTH BY SLEEP (PSP) - The Best KH game yet (and thats saying something!) and only beaten by FF7 Crisis core as the absolute best game on psp, an incredible (action) RPG experience

NUMBER 41: VAGRANT STORY (PS1) - An awesome adventure/action RPG. Even good enough to impress a normally action genre despiser like myself (though I have warmed up to them more recently). The fact it occurs in ivalice is even cooler.

NUMBER 40: 428 (Wii) - An excellent 'visual novel' game and adorable even to a hardcore mystery (novel)  fan like myself. Totally a statement of opinion here but what heavy rain should have been. Scored 40/40 in famitsu too, in the period before that started becoming a yearly occurance.

NUMBER 39: GOLDEN AXE (original) (AMIGA 500) - Until Bayonetta came around this was the only action game I truly ever loved. The most Brilliant game of its age, those little elves that keep robbing you while you sleep are soooo annoying though.

NUMBER 38: BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL (PS2) - the most underated and under advertised game of its era, so fresh and original you would never believe ubisoft made it, an all round excellent action/puzzler and one of the best of the genre.

NUMBER 37:PSYCHONAUTS (PS2) - Tim Schaffers best work, funny as anything and interesting psychology based story

NUMBER 36: CHRONO TRIGGER (Emulated on PC) - A great and timeless RPG classic well ahead of the era it was released

NUMBER 35: BALDURS GATE 2 (PC)  -  good in game choice offered, decent complexity that you could sink your teeth into (unlike NWN or anything after) and a decent length game. Only held back by poor characterisations and story but its D&D so you can't expect much (imo).

NUMBER 34: AR TONELICO 3 (PS3) - AT's next gen efforts lost some of the charm of its older editions imo but still a great game and continues A.T's intersting rpg systems. As a girl I struggle with some of gust's humor in A.T and this one was worse than most but still a good story and good game none the less.

NUMBER  33: FINAL FANTASY V (5) (PS1) - An amazing game system wise and brilliant debut of the amazing job change system. only held back by one of the weaker FF stories, still given its pedigree and the competition it is against (other FF's) it is still a good story by comparison to most other games

NUMBER 32 - IMPOSSIBLE MISSION (PC) (the original actually impossible one (Due to the bug which I only found out about 5 years later arrghhhh)) Brilliant action adventure and totally unforgiving

NUMBER 31: LEGACY OF KAIN: DEFIANCE (PS2)- awful action based game mechanics reduced this from a puzzler to almost a god of war style action game but made up for by an epic tear jerking (semi) finale to the series. Well worth it for the story alone

NUMBER 30: WIZARD OF WOR (1981 original) (ATARI 2600) - I can quite confidently say this is the only shooter on the market i will ever love, impossibly difficult 2 player co-op makes the game as intense as they come

NUMBER 29: NETHACK (PC) - an ascii rpg from my childhood that takes the mechanics from old D&D but drops the annoying tolkien ripoff story settings that seem to be so popular for D&D computer games. Epic scope and absolutely vast and brutally unforgiving game (with no saves, ever). Makes Demon's Souls look like the biggest cake walk in the world. To date still have never come close to beating nethack or wizard of wor (have beaten D.S twice so far)

NUMBER 28: ETERNAL SONATA (PS3) - As a ferderic chopin fan this was always going to be a hit with me. Loved the odd battle mechanics and how the battle system would change majorly as the party levels. Very fresh and inventive. Along with a dream theory story/'nature of reality' so good it absolutely destroyed any enjoyment of the movie inception for me as a psychologist.

NUMBER 27:FINAL FANTASY 4 (PS1) - The (chronologically) first FF with a truly gripping story and an absolutely amazing one at that. One of the coolest characters around in Kain Highwind and the first game that really showcased the wonders to come from the series. A deserved classic RPG

NUMBER 26: LUFIA (emulated on PC) - An rpg that really showed how a good RPG could be done, excellent story and only overshadowed by its sequel because that is one of the greatest RPG's ever. If you havent played this game and you are an RPG fan, you should... 

NUMBER 25: AR TONELICO 1 (PS2)- A very unique rpg with a very interesting story concept. Getting to dive into party members' heads and alter their psychology was most interesting. A really brilliant RPG in theory, If not fully realised in its execution, only hindered by an extremely easy difficulty and humour so crass in places it could almost be confused for a Japanese version of the movie American Pie.

 NUMBER 24: ZELDA - WIND WAKER (GAMECUBE/Wii)- A criminally underrated entry in the series and my personal favourite of the series. Using the boat and the maritime themed world combined with classic Zelda adventure made it the most charming entry in the series by far to me personally.

NUMBER 23: CASTLEVANIA - PORTRAIT OF RUIN(DS): - an incredibly awesome and atmospheric entry in the series, the soundtrack really captured the castlevania mood imo and getting to go into the pictures in draculas castle was just amazing for the eerieness factor. The idea of playing inside a painting in an ancient castle (and dracula no less!)  hooked me straight away. Liked the fact you could switch between male and female protagonist too.

NUMBER 22: ATELIER TOTORI (PS3) -  Despite being a sequel to Atelier Rorona (thank god) It couldn't quite reach the lofty heights set by its predecessor. It proved what they say though "shoot for the moon, even if you fail you will land amongst the stars" and this game certainly did that. Great in all the same areas Rorona was, Just bought down by relativity to its prequel. I would almost suggest playing the two out of order to anyone considering.

NUMBER 21 :FINAL FANTASY X-2 (PS2) - Yes I know most people despise this addition to the series and yes I am a girl and yes FFVII did not make my top 50 list so you may think my opinions are way off but this game was awesome. Best turn based battle system ever to feature in  a FF game, the job changing was brilliant and so non-linear that the mob whining about XIII's linearity should have been all over it. Despite being slightly 'charlies angels' and not having the strongest story  I felt it summed up the female condition perfectly and the fact that the overriding quest was to find a lost love meant that I became invested in it immensely. I would say that it was the best massively maligned game ever imo, but I would be lying when you see what is to come. A stellar game however and a personal favourite.

NUMBER 20: FINAL FANTASY X (PS2) - A game with ione of the greatest stories of all time only bought down by completely archaic battle mechanics. While I felt the battle system was a betrayal of the FF ideals (innovation and constant change) the Story was one of the greatest and most moving ever in to be present in a video game. This one in particular was not quite as good as a great novel but knocked so closely on the door of that, that it really showed me the power videogame storytelling could have, not to mention it horribly highlighted the limitations of movies as a serious art form and is probably the first game that really spolied them for me. One of the most moving endings ever too.

NUMBER 19: LEGACY OF KAIN-SOUL REAVER (1) (PS1) - The beginning of an amazing tale from the days when Amy Hennig was looking to do something different and new. Combat Mechanics are Clunky and Raziel is a Dupe for most of this iteration - story and character wise but he is still amazing. One of the greatest action adventure/puzzlers ever and a setting and story so bleak it makes Castlevania lords of shadow's atmosphere look like a party by comparison. The series as a whole is IMO the best video game story ever written by a westerner to this day.  Though your recent efforts haven't been great (imo) I will always adore you Amy, even if this series is the only one you ever do that I like. The story arc (in full) is so good it inspires irrevocable fandom and this is a brilliant beginning. (not counting Blood Omen story wise which I don't as I am all about Raziel)

NUMBER 18: CASTLEVANIA-SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT (PS1/PSP) - A great castlevania that really just did everything right, great atmosphere and for its time of release, great graphics and sound that really pulled you into the action and adventure of the story. Of course being a Dracula (novel) fangirl might have helped too (but on a side note I DO NOT like twilight in the slightest, or any of the drac movies for that matter)

NUMBER 17: SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS (PS2) - Talk about a game altering the action/puzzler genre, amazing idea's amazing mechanics, amazing that it could run (albeit badly in places) on the PS2's hardware. Also somehow the creation of one of the most immersive worlds and most gripping tales ever considering there were very few spoken sections and a world with no monsters (outside of the 'boss' like colossi, towns or npc's). A miracle game, only real criticism I could level (in an attempt at being less biased/obsessive fan like) is it wasn't as good as Ico imo.

NUMBER 16: TOMB RAIDER (1) (PS1) - An amazing action adventure puzzler, redefined the genre and a benchmark title that all acrtion adventure puzzlers were judged by

NUMBER 15 : ATELIER IRIS (PS2) - Another amazing entry in the series, great RPG with great story, characters and humor. some people say it is the most generic (most similar to a standard RPG) of the atelier games but I still loved it. Plus getting to explore the world as a rabbit is just awesome!. Generally consuidered the most palatable of the Atelier games to the western audience and also one of the best in the franchise, extremely highly recommended.

NUMBER 14 : FINAL FANTASY VII: CRISIS CORE (PSP) - As not the hugest FF7 fan and holding a general ambivalence to all but very few games of the action genre I was sceptical on this one but upon playing it can say Zack Fair is a god and his story is beyond incredible. One of the greatest stories in a game since the very best of the mainline FF's, crazily gripping and the tear jerking moments come thick and fast in the last half of the game, the first time I have actually exhausted myself with emotion (angeal, aerith and zack, its all so epic). Plus the Relationship between Zack and Aerith almost rivals the legendary relationship between squall and rinoa in FF8

NUMBER 13: FINAL FANTASY VI (6) (PS1) - My first ever FF, Loved Terra as a character, kefka is an amazing bad guy and the first time i was ever exposed to a 'real' story in game form. It will always be held in high regard from me because of this. In a franchise famed for people never getting over their first one, this was a hard one to move past and only 3 (numbered) FF's so far have ever done it... Seeing as it is one of the most celebrated RPG's around I won't say too much here outside of I agree wholeheartedly with the praise

NUMBER 12: FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: WAR OF THE LIONS (PS1/PSP) - The height of The SRPG genre, and the PSP remake is even better than the original. all I can say is I love everything about this game. Somehow the story is amazing even though it lacks any real romances. Having the full 25 classes (including the great ones like mime and arithmatician) was just great and getting to see baltheirs family & ondores family etc is cool. The ultimate improbable after credits ending too. I still can't believe that actually happened. So poigniant I literally still think of it every birthday.

NUMBER 11: LUFIA 2 (SNES) - confirmation the ancient games never lose their shine, still one of the greatest RPG's ever made and a 'must play' for any RPG fan. Easily a decade ahead of its time, ahead of its time compared to many even today. held the honour of my favourite RPG ever until the mid-late PS1 days. 

NUMBER 10: NIER (PS3) - A real left field stunner here, Had no expectations (and knowing it was action based I really expected to be less-than-impressed) but was blown away by the amazing story and the way the gameplay managed to stay involved enough to keep an action based rpg interesting. Didn't get repetitive or dull at all which is a huge achievement for an action game (for me). I think I sum up the quality of the game when I say By the time I finished I just wanted to play again, which I am now doing...

NUMBER 9: ICO (PS2) again heavily celebrated so I wont say much more than I agree, Simply the best Japanese made action adventure puzzler ever. The epitome of innovation and brilliance in the genre with a gripping story as well.

NUMBER 8 : ATELIER RORONA (PS3) I have played both the english and japanese versions of this (english is better imo, but then japanese is a second langauge so I may have missed some of the meanings/jokes) and the English is better imo. A very original take on the RPG Genre, No quest, a party system where you can choose your party members where the characters don't feel paper thin and like props only there for you to try and hit on (cough*bioware and atlus*cough). slightly archaic battle mechanics but an amazingly charming coming of age story that will make you laugh ridiculously hard with (mostly) tasteful humour and characters so vivid that when you finish you will feel like you are losing friends. The best non-FF traditional styled (i.e not strategy RPG) RPG ever made hands down (imo).

NUMBER 7: GRIMGRIMIORE (PS2) Imagine if the japanese took Harry Potter, made it an RPG and made it work wonderfully, then you would have some idea of this game. One of the most out and out purely fun games ever made. Not sure if you would call it a traditional style RPG or a Strategy RPG but however you classify it is amazing and a one of a kind treasure. Vanillaware (studio) even trumps team ICO for artsiness, fun and immersion imo. Easily the greatest largely-unheard-of game ever made and one of the best games ever. 

NUMBER 6: BAYONETTA (PS3 and 360) From someone who is not an action genre fan to say this is simly one of the greatest games ever (and it is definitely an 'action' game) made just sums up how good this really is. The combat is fluid and interesting enough, Bayonetta as a character is absolutely amazing and the story, though much downed on, I actually quite enjoyed, while definitely not working with the greatest of premises, It didn't seem that nonsensical or hard to follow at all. The written notes actually made it a lot better too. And thankfully not an orc, elf, space marine (or other generic genetically enhanced super warrior) or spartan in sight. I think that is what shone the most about this game, Its sheer intense creativity and its not-so-serious over the top nature that very tastefully approached the line between humorous  and lewd. Came off like the love child of the best of Japanese popular humour and Monty Python's distinctly 'english' style of humour. 

NUMBER 5: FINAL FANTASY VIII (8) (PS1) The game that really got me into the FF series. In my (and just my) opinion FF6 was an extremely accomplished and a great RPG, 7 was an overhyped disappointment (but not terrible, just not great either) that I got so sick of arguing with people about I almost swore off the FF's because of it. But then FF8 came along and totally changed everything. The story pulled me in so much I cried from gaming for the first time with this one. It was a lot more immersive and thought provoking than either FF7 or FF6. Rinoa was so amazing I didn't just like her, I wanted to be her. To the point where I started wearing a lot of blue outfits, started learning the japanese language and bought a few black wigs in the style of her haircut which I would wear on occasion. I was truly obsessed with this game and with the story being pretty much a combination of Donnie Darko and the Butterfly Effect (2 of my favourite films which it predated by a few years and is FAR beyond both of them in concept and excecution imo) It was right up my alley. Simply put, such a great tale and great game that at the time it came out I could never see any game ever having the ability to eclipse this one in my eyes.

NUMBER 4: TOMB RAIDER UNDERWORLD (PS3 and 360) The best entry in the franchise IMO returning Lara to her roots of more action adventure style puzzles and minimal combat. Absolutely adored the fact that even the final 'boss fight' is a puzzle in itself. The need for a final 'beat em up' style boss fight is an issue I have long held with puzzle style games, I mean, you are playing for the puzzles so why not have a really awesome one to finish and skip the fighting. People who want a fighting (well shooting) game with extremely light puzzle elements will play uncharted and the like. As if the game wasn't good enough already with its amazing puzzling, range of acrobatic moves and general fludity of execution the story offers a shocking finale to the tale that began all those years ago in Tomb Raider 1 as well as wrapping up the cliffhanger left by legend. An amazing end to the story IMO. Its rare you see a hero get so thoroughly duped.

NUMBER 3: LEGACY OF KAIN: SOUL REAVER 2 (PS2) Light years ahead of its prequel in both gameplay and story this game really showed all that a game could be. With Raziel (finally) breaking out of his follower mentality, he starts to question the conspiracy and machinations he finds himself a pawn of. Along with the character the plot really starts to get going and Amy Hennig really shows her talent at story writing and her innate creativity (the fact she is now stuck with naughty dog doing such derivative stories in the Uncharted series is a tragedy) Quite frankly Soul Reaver has the best written story by a westerner in a video game ever imo and the fact it remains unfinished ranks it in the top tier of criminally unfinished works in the english canon (imo) beside the likes of Kit (chris) Marlowes unfinished (or did he?) Hero and Leander. Brilliant story, Brilliant gameplay, just brilliant in general, It is hard to find any weakness in a game like this.

NUMBER 2: FINAL FANTASY XIII (13) (PS3) In 1932 a largely disrespected and contreversial writer named Aldous Huxley wrote a book called Brave New World about where he saw the world in a few hundred years time (a utopian society gone wrong). A book so scary it makes Orwells '1984' look like a nursery rhyme. The introversion of the population meant they only knew of themselves and their own system despite it later being revealed that there are a few human 'savages' living elsewhere in the world and the interaction of one of these with the utopian society brings about the stories main events. At the time of release the book was widely rubbished for being too bleak, written by a known drug user, "these things could never happen", "totally anti- capitalist" etc etc. Nowadays it is one of the most celebrated novels in english literature and is arguably the greatest social commentary ever written with some of Huxleys predictions being frighteningly accurate. Being a fan of this work when I saw the premise for Final Fantasy 13 I automatically made the connection, Though not a direct 'knock-off' or rehash of the story the two are very much thematically similar and somehow Square Enix took this story and made it even better (and the 'mixed' western opinions on the game amde it even more ironic, very true to the original BNW release). With an amazingly socially relevant story. Extremely gripping and well developed characters. An atmosphere so dark it stayed true to the original theme (and turned a lot of gamers off). With a world, social order and characters so vivid it will make you feel like you have travelled and met new friends. I had always said that if Square took the intense story from 10 and combined it with the amazing battle system from X-2 they would have one of the greatest final fantasies, and games, ever. This game is that wish come true, the story is even better than X, the totally balanced weapons system (all weapons being pretty much equal and having various positives and negatives so you actually have to think about what to work on levelling up rather than just questing for the best weapons) is the greatest ever seen in an RPG imo and the battle system, while being cut down from X-2 is far faster and still great. Would have been nice if they cut the autobattle option though, that was unnecessary and I know it lowered the enjoyment of the game for many people. Only minor gripe is the savages (the Oerbans, vanille and fang) having australian accents (I am Australian born and bred), What is square implying!. Just kidding, haha. But to sum up a rather long winded speil. The fact that this game upstages one of the greatest novels ever written (and books are my favourite art form) really shows the power gaming is gaining as a medium and very much knocking on the door of being my favourite game ever.

AND as its the 31st for me today...

NUMBER 1: FINAL FANTASY XII (12) (and International Zodiac Job System) (Both PS2) Quite simply put, My favourite story, on any medium, ever, and as I play games mainly for the story it is pretty obvious why this tops my list. With gameplay mechanics so immersive and functional they border on almost perfect. The game has a massively open world that really "took you there" and is a Shadow of the Colossus fans dream with an extremely stong narrative runiing through avoiding it turning into an aimless wander like almost every other sandbox game experience. And a story very thematically similar to John Miltons classic 'Paradise Lost' (my favourite classic so its a no brainer why FF12 is too) but again improved on in so many ways and even more vast in scope of storytelling (a huge call when the original encompasses heaven and hell but I think with the variety (not to mention history) of races in ivalice and the occurian deities (and their histories, even though they are very zodiac based) tops it). Having been lucky enough to meet and speak to a few of the scenario concept designers for this game during my time in Japan only made me fall in love with the game more, the more I was told about it the more I loved it. My only complaint after talking to them is the sheer amount of background information omitted from, or hidden (in hunt text etc) from the final game (a lot of which does not even appear in the ultimania guides and the like, They should have omitted Vaan and penelo instead imo, haha). Ivalice has been around a long time as a world and square made the developers wait till FF12 (as the occuria (and ivalices underlying mythology) is based off the zodiac symbols, of which there are 12) to use Ivalice in a numbered FF. but in the end it was well worth the wait. I can not (and should not, as this is a family site) put into words my feelings for Balthier. He is my most adored character from anything, Fran rocks too, though my liking of her is slightly tempered by jealousy. Baltheir as a character, as well as ashes arrogant rich/powerful girl nature (sadly very much like myself at the time) really made me think about who I was as a person. Balthiers amazing example (and ashes awful one) made me truly question my personal ethics and values. I know it sounds cheesy but this was a genuinely life changing, eye opening and awe inspiring game. Being an admitted fashion victim this is when I finally took pride in being a gamer enough to let my friends know (I was one) and dropped any embarrassment I had about the gaming hobby.



Favourite Games of 2013 1.Tomb Raider(PS3) 2.Atelier Ayesha(PS3) 3.Virtues Last Reward (Vita)

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Number 50: Bit Trip BEAT


One of my favourite games on Wiiware, this game gets on my list due to the fact that it shows that sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. It also shows that simplistic graphics and awesome music make an awesome game! Just thank Nintendo that they put this game as a demo...


Number 49: Ratchet And Clank 3- My least favourite of the main trilogy, but a great game nonetheless!

Number 48: Mario Kart DS- One of the weaker Mario Karts IMO, but it showed of what the DS could do, for that I give it credit...

47: Chrono trigger- Got it this ear and LOVED it. Just some beter games...
46: Oracle of Ages-One of the weaker Zelda's, but still amazing!
45: Oblivion-Good, just to grind-tastic for me. That and my brother deleted my save 50 hours in :'(


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

50. Kirby's Pinball Land
49. Pokemon Diamond
48. Arkanoid
47. Strikers 1945 II
46. Tetris

45. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
44. Final Fantasy VIII
43. Braid
42. Wipeout HD
41. Final Fantasy II

40. Kingdom Hearts
39. Link's Awakening
38. Spyro Year of the Dragon
37. Puzzle Pirates
36. Little Big Planet

35. Dragon Warrior 2
34. Pokemon Blue
33. Final Fantasy VII
32. 3D Dot Game Heroes
31. Katamari Damacy

30. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
29. Final Fantasy XIII
28. Chrono Cross
27. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
26. Final Fantasy X-2

25. Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2
24. .hack//Infection
23. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
22. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
21. Fire Emblem

20. Mario Kart: Double Dash
19. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
18. ICO
17. Pokemon SoulSilver
16. Final Fantasy X

15. Advance Wars

14. Super Mario Galaxy

13. The Legend of Dragoon

12. Super Smash Brothers Brawl

11. Chrono Trigger

10. Portal

9. Golden Sun

8. Super Mario Galaxy 2

7. Persona 4

6. Super Smash Bros Melee

5. Okami

4. Shadow of the Colossus

3. Final Fantasy VI

2. Final Fantasy IX

1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

5. Okami (PS2)

The concept of running around as a wolf with a magic paintbrush and using it to change the environment around you seems almost katamari-crazy at first, but after a while just feels normal.  The game at first feels a bit short before achieving its RPG length with a zelda-like midgame boss.  The normal battles have a little bit of variety thrown into the techniques used to kill different enemies but the boss battles are where the game really shines.  Outside of battle there are numerous things to collect and upgrades to achieve for different items.  The special part of this game is the ability to draw your attacks and platforming tools using the paint brush as you learn new brushstrokes.  These techniques allow you to change the time of day and do everything from a simple slash to a bomb, or blooming flowers to walking up walls.  The story ties in mythology nicely and the art style is beautiful as well.

4. Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

If I had to pick the most prominent reason I liked this game, it would be because it took everything except the boss fights out of the equation and got straight to the reason you were playing the game in the first place.  The sixteen bosses display a surprising amount of variety and each requires some exploration to discover how to approach finding its weak spots.  The limited grip strength means that your first attempt won't be successful in many cases.  I remember thinking after the first couple battles that it would always be finding a weak spot to climb onto the colossus, but many of the colossi surprised me as they would send you underwater, into the air, and onto your horse in order to meet your end goal.  Finding your way to the next colossi by watching the sun glint off your sword and then riding through the beautiful expanse until you reached a new area you didn't know existed was the rewarding alternative to fighting against smaller, ultimately unchallenging, foes.  Ultimately the simplistic storytelling forced you to look around to and discover what is happening to the characters.  After beating the game there is still plenty left to do as well, a harder set of fights, gathering new items, and completing speed runs against any of the colossi.  This is a game that really deserves to be played on a big screen because of the sheer impressive size of the colossi, and the hd/3d remakes should make it all the better.

3. Final Fantasy VI (SNES)

The end of the two dimensional numeric entries in the Final Fantasy series went out with a bang.  Ultimately the transition to the third dimension meant a short lived setback, both graphically and otherwise.  The game breaks itself up into two sections, at the start trying to prevent the world from being destroyed and later dealing with the results of your actions.  The second section means regrouping your party through a series of events based around the individual characters.  Largely the characters you bring back into your fold may be done at your leisure and you get the option of who you want.  Blitzes were a more involved version of the limit type attacks seen in later games and varied amongst the different characters.  The customization level in equips led to a bunch of flexibility up to the point where you can attack 8 times or quadruple cast ultima and allows the enemies to throw more potent attacks at you.  The story in the game remains one of the more epic entries in the series as well.

2. Final Fantasy IX (PS)

This is my favorite Final Fantasy game, largely because it goes back flawlessly to the roots of the series.  Indeed, part of the allure of this game was the story (my favorite), set not ina futuristic setting but instead the standard fantasy medieval setting.  There is plenty of lore, backstory, and allusions to previous games that will make you smile if you've played previous games.  The combat is good with a four player lineup and simplistic trance system.  More interestingly is how equipment and skills work together in character development.  Using your weapons to master new skills you can use and then deciding upon a limited amount of points worth of skills to keep active makes you put some thought into how you build your characters within their designated classes and allows you to adapt your builds to the type of combat you are enduring.  In addition, there are plenty of minigame opportunities between the tetramaster card game, moogle mail, and chocobo content.  Chocobo hot and cold remains my favorite Final Fantasy minigame to date.  The music in this game is also exquisite with songs like Vamo' Alla Flamenco and Melodies of Life.

1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)

The addition of parallel worlds added depth to the zelda universe's gameplay.  This game wrote the formula for those later to come with all of its additions.  Spin attacks, heart containers, many items, and multiple floor dungeons with more than just staircases to travel between floors all were wonderful features of the huge zelda world.  There were so many hidden wonders to discover in this world that exploring was often as fun as the massive dungeons.  What really made this game is the unbelievable number of items and upgrades to those items you get throughout the game, some very useful ones which aren't even required to complete the game. Many of these items such as ice and fire rods are sorely missed in other games, which usually have a small subset of the arsenal.  There was also a fairly significant amount of story for this game to keep you involved if somehow the gameplay was wearing thin. 

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think. 

O.K here we go:


Super Mario RPG.  While I think this game is overrated, I still believe it is one of the greatest games ever produced.  It is the product  when IMO the two greatest 16bit developers (Nintendo and Squaresoft) team up to create a game.  It's just  a shame S-E now owns the rights to Geno, therefore we haven't seen him in Mario Kart yet.


Age of Empires II Gold Edition.  This features both the game and the expansion, this is easily my favourite 'traditional' RTS (ie excluding Pikmin and the like).  I first got it when I was 9 and regularly play it and love it ever since.

PS - if Gold Edition doesn't count, count the original game minus the expansion instead.


Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth - A fantastic game and possibly my favourite shooter after Lylat Wars and Rez.  This is probably considered the N64's swansong with Majora's Mask and Perfect Dark.  I downloaded it on the VC in 2008 and regularly play through it again.


Paper Mario - Due to it's limited print run, it is still very expensive to get hold of it to this day here in Europe.  Therefore, I was overjoyed when it was released on the Virtual Console.  I prefer it to Super Mario RPG as to me it 'feels' more like a Mario RPG rather than an RPG featuring Mario characters.


System Shock 2 - IMO one of the greatest PC games ever released.  It has arguably the greatest villain in gaming and stands up today as how I think a FPS should be constructed.  If you haven't played it, think of it as Bioshock with less flashy graphics, but overall better.


Psychonauts - One of my favourite non Mario 3d platformers around.  I would even argue that this game in superior to Super Mario Sunshine and is arguably the best platformer of the 6th gen.  This game deserved more sales, far more sales.


Metroid Fusion - Being the first metroid game since 1994, this game had a lot to prove.  It did and provided one of the best games on the GBA.  While I always thought the game was too linear, it still stands as a perfect example of the brilliance of the Metroid games.


Little Big Planet - The game that finally convinced me to buy a PS3, easily the best platformer on the PS3.  I still boot this up at create some more stuff every so often.


Metroid Prime -When I first played this game it blew me away, this is quite possibly the more atmospheric game I have ever played.  I find it a little hard to go back to though after playing Corruption with IR Wii controls.


Paper Mario: TTYD - Pretty much the N64 Paper Mario, but better in every way.  Better story, better location, high res sprites, better sidekicks, a better villian, better abilities, more memorable boss fights, etc.  A must for any fan of either Mario or RPGs.


Lylat Wars - IMO the best starfox game and one of the best rail shooters ever made.  I'm really hyped for the 3DS remake of this game.


Rez - It's a shame not too many people have played this classic Dreamcast game.  when I first played this game it blew me away.  I advise everyone to play it.


SSBMelee - when I first got this game, it blew my mind.  It also completely transformed my gaming future, I bought Starfox Adventures and Metroid Prime almost solely because I knew the characters from this game.


Secret of Mana - I love  this game.  With real time battles, 3 player co-op and no random encounters it was ahead of it's time.  It had an innovative 'ring menu' system and featured among the best graphics on the SNES.  One can download it for only 800 Wii points, so I really advise you to buy it!


Ico - While this game pales compared to Shadow of the Colossus (which will feature later on this list), it is still among the bes PS2 games around.  It has arguably my favourite box art of any game and I find it sad that not many people have played this. 


Final Fantasy VIII - This is my least favourite of the mainline PSX FF games, despite this I still love it.  I liked the story and the character, but that doesn't excuse the game's frankly fucked up magic system.  This is the first of many mainline FF games to appear on this list


Zelda TP - 8/12/06, easily the biggest day in my gaming life in recent years, the day that not only did a new Nintendo console launch, but it did so with a new Zelda game.  Some people see this game as a disappointment, but I see it as an amazing game that just isn't as good as Wind Waker. 


Golden Sun - This is an RPG that successfully blends tradition with the new.  With lightning fast turn based battles, Zelda style puzzles in dungeons and an innovative Djinn system, this was one of the best games on the GBA.  By the time this list is finished I will have my hands on Golden Sun DD.


Pokemon Diamond - the game that took over my life for the second half of 2007.  I have over 350 hours on my copy, I've completed the pokedex (including events) and pretty much done everything the game has to offer.  I can't wait for Black/White.


Little King's Story - I wasn't sure about this game when I picked it up in April 2009.  I needn't have worried as it is one of the best original new IPs this gen.  Think Pikmin but better.  While lots to explore and a good 45 hours quest, this is game which was my sleeper hit of 2009. 


Zelda Majora's Mask - I only got to play this game when it hit the virtual console last year, but I loved every second of it.  It may be short on the dungeon side on things, but completely makes up for it with greater side quests.  I also love how all the NPCs have routines.


Castlevania Symphony of the Night - I've only recently played through this gem of a game and consider it equal to the Metroid series.  The castle is designed really well with an amazing soundtrack.  The voice acting is rather shitty at times though.


Okami - I've only played the Wii version of this game, but it remains one of my favourite games of all time.  The art style is arguably the best I've ever seen and it rivals Zelda in its quality.  I can't wait for Okamiden.


Monster Hunter 3 - Before I bought it, I wasn't sure I would like this game.  Over 120 gameplay hours left and it ranks 28 on  my list.  With among  the best visuals and easily the best online structure of any game on the Wii, this is a must have for anyone who loves online games.


SMA4 (Super Mario Bros 3) - Many people will state that this is far too low for such a classic platformer.  I played this game to death when I first got it several years ago and while I prefer Super Mario World this still ranks very  high in my list.


Final Fantasy VII - One of the most overrate games of all time IMO, but I still love this game.  While I prefer many of the other Final Fantasy games, this still ranks very highly in  my list.  I just wonder if the fabled remake will ever be released.


Shadow of the Colossus -  When I first played this game a couple of years ago I instantly fell in love with it.  Everything from the graphical style to the story is fantastic.  It really is a shame that this game didn't sell more as it is IMO among the best the PS2 has to offer.


NSMBWii - A blast in both multiplayer and singleplayer, this game took over my life when I got it on release last year.  With IMO some of the best level design in  the Mario series and the ability to truly screw over your mates, this will go down in gaming history as a classic.  I just wish it had online and Wii speak support.


Final Fantasy V - A true underrated RPG in my opinion.  While it doesn't have the epic story and characters that the likes of IV, VI and VII have, I think it makes up for it in it's amazing job system; expanded from FFIII.  It really is a shame this isn't held with as much regard as I think it deserves.


Resident Evil 4 Wii - If this was never released, either the GC or PS2 version would have taken it's place.  This is a fantastic game and is as good today as it was when the GC version released several years ago.  The Wii version retains the Ada Wong sections added to the PS2 version, but has amazing controls that totally make use of the Wii's IR sensor.  It also has to be said that the Wii version has the best boxart of all the versions.


Super Mario 64 - I really can't decide whether I prefer the N64 original or the (puts up flame shield) DS remake.  I love the analogue control , but I also love the extra stars, extra characters, minigames and even the basic multiplayer the DS version had added.  Which ever version you prefer, it is an amazing game and will be remembered for generations to come.


Zelda: Link's Awakening - The 1st Zelda game I owned and still to this day I find it amazing that they managed to fit this on a Gameboy cartridge.  With amazing music (Tal Tal Heights is among the best in the series IMO), a lengthy story and a large world now in colour to explore this is essential to every GBC owner.


Mario Kart DS - IMO easily the best Mario Kart game.  It has my favourite 2 tracks; Waluigi Pinball and Airship Fortress, a wide selection of characters and kart with online.  I play this so often, I wouldn't be surprised if I've broken 1000 hours playing this game altogether.]


Tales of Symphonia - This is one hell of a game.  I had recently got into RPGs and found a copy relatively cheap on ebay (it's rare and expensive in the UK due to a limited print run).  It has become one of my favourite RPGs.  It has a good lengthy story, very good voice acting and an amazing battle system.  Speaking of which, I need to track down the sequal.


Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Shock, Horror, this isn't at number one or even in the top ten!  I love this game, I just prefer some other Zelda games which one will see later on my list.  I can only imagine how amazing this game must have felt back in the 5th generation, it still stands up as a fantastic game all these years later.


Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver - A fantastic great of one of the greatest RPGs ever produced.  If this game was never released, the original would have had this spot instead.  The greatest Pokemon game updated with new pokemon and online battling, everyone should own this game.


Final Fantasy IX - Sakaguchi claims this is his favourite FF game and this is one of my favourites too.  IMO this is easily the best FF game on Sony platforms.  This game returned to the more medieval fantasy style of the older games (which I prefer), but unfortunately never sold as well as I think it should it have, especially here in Europe.


Skies of Arcadia - IMO easily the best game on the Dreamcast and one of the best RPGs ever made.  It has  a long involving story, an epic soundtrack, a surprisingly deep combat system, amazing design and all round fantastic from start to finish.


Xenogears - I have just finished playing this, literally finished it about this time two days ago.  With giant mechas and an at time confusing storyline filled with religious and psychological stuff, this reminded me of Neon Genesis Evangelion apart from it actually makes sense in the end.  It's an gaming atrocity that this has never ever been released in Europe.


Ogre Battle 64 - This game was never released in Europe and so I only experienced it when it hit the Virtual Console earlier this year.  It's the best 1200 Wii points I've ever spent.  It also truly shows how a gripping involving RPG doesn't need extensive FMVs and therefore fit comfortably into an N64 cartridge.  The greatest S-RPG I have ever played.


Super Mario World - This game blew me away when I first played it.  The level design, the music, Yoshi, the bosses they all are fantastic.  I've played through this game on the SNES and GBA about 12 times in total.  Being told I was a 'super player' was a defining moment in my gaming life.


Zelda ALttP - The best 2D Zelda IMO and it has one of the best soundtracks in gaming.  This game took the design layed down by the original Zelda and brought it into the 16bit era with graphical layering, mode 7, multi-floor dungeons and twin overworlds.  I've played this several times on the SNES and about 5 times on the GBA.


Super Mario Galaxy - In 2007, this game blew me away.  It brought 3D Mario back after the strange, but underrated, tangent that was Sunshine.  It also showed me what could graphically be done with the Wii.  While I think that it has been eclipsed by another game released this year, this still breaks my top ten.


Final Fantasy IV DS - The best version of one of my 2nd favourite Final Fantasy game.  This added 3D graphics, FMVs with voice acting and minigames to the original.  The difficulty was increased, which IMO is a good thing.  I just hope that they do the same with FFV and more importantly VI.


Super Metroid - I've played this game so many times, I've found every upgrades and completed the map.  This was the first game I downloaded on the virtual console.  Super Metroid is simply part of my gaming life, the music is among the most atmospheric I've ever heard and I love the graphical style and Zebes design.


Super Smash Bros Brawl -This game took up my life during the summer holidays on 2008.  According to the Nintendo Channel, I've spent over 200 hours on this game and I still regularly play it either alone or with company.  I have done absolutely everything with this game.


Chrono Trigger DS - I've only played the DS version as it is the only release of the game to make it to Europe.  Not often do I replay a game the moment I've finished it, but I did with Chrono Trigger.  I've seen 5 of the game's endings so far and vow to one day see the remainder.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 - I thought this would just be 'Super Mario Galaxy 1.5' at first, how wrong I was.  IMO this is the greatest platformer ever created.  It keeps what was so great about the original and adds to it.  This is an essential purchase for all gamers.  It alone is worth buying a Wii for.


Final Fantasy VI - The best RPG and Square game ever made.  This has my favourite storyline and soundtrack of any game ever made.  With so many plot twists and turns this game kept me wanting more for months.  Every Final Fantasy game since has felt just a little disappointing to me after I have experienced this masterpiece. 


Zelda Wind Waker - I've played through this game so many times.  I've done everything including that fucking huge photography and trophy side quest which involves at least 2 playthroughs of the game.  I'm pretty sure I cried when my GC memory card broke with that data on there.  The game's art style was controversial at first, but everyone I know warmed up to it and IMO Wind Waker is the best looking game ever made.







50 - Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

49 - Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

48 - Peggle

47 - Command & Conquer: Red Alert

46 - World of Goo

45 - Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City

44 - Beyond Good & Evil

43 - God of War

42 - Plants Vs. Zombies 

41 - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy 

40 - Grand Theft Auto IV

39 - Shadow of the Colossus

38 - Metal Gear Solid

37 - Indigo Prophecy 

 36 - Rome Total War – Barbarian Invasion 

35 - Bayonetta

34 - Valkyria Chronicles

33 - Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

32 - God of War 3

31 - Battlefield Bad Company 2

30 - Overlord

29 - Counter-Strike: Source

28 - Battlefield 2 

27 - Age of Mythology

26 - Empire Earth

25 - The Sims

24 - God of War II

23 - Portal

22 - Rollercoaster Tycoon

21 - Bioshock 2

20 - Uncharted

19 - Infamous

18 - Mass Effect

17 - Rise of Nations

16 - Motorstorm Pacific Rift

15 - Rome Total War

14 - Uncharted 2

13 - Batman Arkham Asylum

12 - Bioshock

11 - Mass Effect 2

10 - Red Dead Redemption

9 - GTA San Andreas

8 - Rayman 2 The Great Escape

7 - Pokemon Gold

6 - SimCity 4

5 - GTA Vice City

4 - The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

3 - Medieval II: Total War

2 - Metal Gear Solid 4

1 - Killzone 2